Sunday, April 20th 2014


Perhaps the most important part is the ceremony.

Read our tips on “how to survive the ceremony” with the least amount of stress.

Top 12 Songs for your Quince Music Playlist

Hits to include!




Five Ways to Style your Scarf

The windy weather cannot stop you from being stylish!



The Story behind the Wise Men

Plan a gathering with your friends and celebrate Dia de Reyes!



New Year’s Resolutions

Aside from this being the season to be jolly it is also the perfect time to renovate ourselves.



A Christmas Tradition: Posada Party

Find out how to truly celebrate a Hispanic Posada.




Questions to ask when booking your Quince mass

“Can I provide my own music?” is often left unasked.




4 Things you Must do this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, take the time to be grateful for everything around you, most importantly: your health.