The Quinceañera Ceremony

The purpose of the ceremony is to celebrate a girl’s transformation from childhood to young adulthood.
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QUIZ: How Should You Ask Him to Be Your Chambelan?

Asking a family member or crush to be your chambelan has gone far from your mom asking his mother. Now it's the quinceaneras choosing their chambelanes and asking them in the most creative ways. Discov...
quinceanera and her mariachi chambelanes

Quiz: What Type of Chambelan Are You?

You took it upon yourself and ask him to be your chambelan. Make your guy take this quiz and find out if you've made the right decision of picking him!

What’s a Quinceanera court of honor?

There are a few things you should know before choosing your damas and chambelanes, turns out having a Quinceanera court of honor is not as easy as it seems.