Saturday, May 23rd 2015

Decoration and themes for Quince

How to Decorate the XV Head Table in 5 Easy Steps!

Just like a Queen’s throne, you want the head table to be the main focus of the hall!

10 Unique Decor Ideas you Must Consider for your Quince!

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5 Things to Add to your XV Centerpieces to Make them Pop!

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Peacock Themed Venue Decorations for your Quince!

Make your venue stand out from the rest!

DIY Quince Centerpiece: Affordable, Easy,and Elegant!

Huge tip: It only requires 4 items plus 4 easy steps to follow!

What should your Summer Quinceanera theme be?

You must take this Quiz! Grab pen & paper and find out right away!

5 Ways to Tell your Guests they Can’t Take the Centerpiece Home!

Avoid additional expenses for your Quince!