what to wear to a quinceañera

Anthony Franco solves your problem of wondering what to wear to a Quinceañera

Kourtney Kardashian, Selena Gomez and rockers Panic! @ the Disco are only a few of the handful of celebrities that turn to designer Anthony Franco for the latest stylish wear. And you too can turn to him if you are wondering what to wear to a Quinceañera.

what to wear to a quinceañera

Anthony Franco

Fashion first got a hold of Franco at an early age when a project in his 7th grade sewing class had his teacher praising his skills. Soon after, it was all game for the future 2007 Mercedes-Benz Designer of the Year recipient, and all fabrics including ruffled drapes from his parent’s bedroom would manifest into works of wearable art.

Throughout his career, he has designed pieces for film, television, commercials, music videos, stage, and editorial features. Now, Franco presents his Spring/Summer 2012 collection to Quinceanera.com and talks about how the landscape in Zihuatanejo, Mexico served as a muse to his most recent work, which includes glamorous evening dresses in numerous colors including tangerine tango, the official color of 2012, as well as refined men’s tailored suits that are perfect options for your chambelanes, or for those looking for what to wear to a Quinceañera.


Hilda Gabriela: Tell me about the influence to this collection.

Anthony Franco: My Spring/Summer 2012 collection was the direct result of a trip my boyfriend Greg and I took to Zihuatanejo, Mexico. We went into a small town and it was so full of color, and the men’s clothing was also colorful but had a relaxed look. So I allowed the Mayan ruins to inspire the lace and beading that I did on most of this collection’s dresses. The relaxed men’s wear inspired me to use soft, comfortable cotton-wool blends and silk-cottons to make suits and sweaters.

HG: What types of fabric does this collection include?

AF: Silk, cotton and cashmere-wool blends. I love fabrics with blends and anything that gives the clothing a nice feel and movement. I also love texture so I mix lace with beading and leather with feathers. It helps to give even the simplest silhouette a point of interest.

HG: I see a few tangerine tango women’s and men’s pieces in your collection. Was that a Zihuatanejo influence as well, or were you already thinking ahead to the color of 2012?

AF:  I came up with my color palette based off the dusk colors, coral and pinks that were really beautiful as they hit the ocean in Zihuatanejo. Those were the colors of my sunsets every night. But coral and orange colors such as tangerine tango look great on a lot of skin tones so it’ll be great for next year’s trends. I love how it looks against skin!

HG: What type of person is this collection for?

AF: I design for red carpet and everyday wear. I would like to think my client is a person who likes to dress up and also wants pieces that can work with jeans too. The best way to find an audience is to be your own.

HG:Which teen celebrity that you have not worked with before would you like to dress?

AF: I really love Elle Fanning, the younger sister of actress Dakota Fanning. I think she has really come into her own with her fashion and style and has a modern look that is playful and appropriate for her age.

HG: Where can people purchase your designs and what are the price points for some of your pieces?

AF: My designs are available in a few L.A. stores including Traffic and Arcade, two of which I love and use when I am styling for clients and commercials. Best of all, my clothing is all made in Los Angeles and prices range from “cute “to “wow”.


*Photos by Gregory Keith Metcalf

If you’d like more options as to what to wear to a Quinceañera, consider wearing a tube top min, maxi dress or cocktail attire.