One of the most often overlooked details in the planning of any Quince bash is that big “accessory” that every Quince princess dances the night away… your chambelan! While there are articles and ideas galore for finding the perfect Quince dress, there is hardly any mention anywhere as to the chambelan’s attire. But not to worry… in an effort to help YOU achieve the most perfect Quince celebration, has scoured the information superhighway (the Internet) and borrowed tuxedo ideas for your chambelan from some of today’s hottest leading young men.

Choose one of these tuxedo ideas for your chambelan that will also bring out the best in you on your big day.

1. Our favorite heartthrob looks best in dark colors. His metallic jacket is the perfect addition to the classic all-black look. This is a great ensemble for your chambelan, but only if he pairs the shirt and jacket with a set of slim or skinny slacks, not jeans. Also, his shirt must definitely be tucked in.



2. This multi-talented hottie from Canada pairs a navy-colored suit with a light blue silk shirt, which is a great color combination as it keeps elegant tones together. This is a great choice for your chambelan if your Quince takes place during the fall or winter months, and if your dress will also be an earth tone, or white.

Drake_23. Zac Efron is looking dreamy in a dark-hued ensemble. The choice of having your chambelan wear a traditional suit in a not-so-traditional color such as this one will help maintain your celebration’s sense of elegance, while adding a little bit of an edge. This is a great color combination as it can be worn year-round, but it will only be appropriate if your dress is white or a similar dark tone.


4. This talented trio offers us three chambelan ideas in one, as each brother is shown here wearing an outfit that is unique to his own style.

jonasbrothersstyle-7-121110a. ( Left) Nick is wearing a classic brown suit, which looks surprising well paired with a beige shirt and a wine-colored tie. If your Quince dress is beige, off-white or a deep, wine color, then this is a perfect choice for your chambelan.

b. (Center) Joe shows off his wild side by wearing a shocking fuchsia shirt with his all-black suit. This is a perfect choice for your partner if your dress is an equally outrageous color. This can also complement a white dress beautifully.

c. (Right) We like Kevin’s metallic grey suit for a Quince chambelan because this color goes perfectly just about any dress, anything from pink to white to a shocking fuchsia. Your partner can wear this style and color for a Quinceanera during any season, which makes this choice all the better. App

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