You spend hours searching through magazines, visiting boutiques and surfing online for your perfect quinceañera dress. As much as you loved wearing your carefully selected gown, the one-time use and current live-in space that it takes in the back of your closet does not serve it any justice. So why not go with an alternative and make your gowns lifetime last longer than just one night? Here, alternatives to make your fiesta gown relive its glorious moments for quinceañera parties to come!

All in the family
Whether it is property, china wear, jewelry or your grandpa’s old machete, family heirlooms are cherished from generation to generation. Certainly no different can be expected from your quince dress, so store away your quince gown as orderly as possible and pass it on to the next quince in the family. If the style of your quince dress is not of their liking, you can still keep it stored away for other quinceañeras to come. More so, when the day comes that you celebrate the quinceañera of your daughter, you can offer this wonderful momentum to them as their special coming of age gift.

Donate!The gift of giving
There are countless of young quinceañera hopefuls that due to financial needs are unable to have a quinceañera celebration. To this, organizations that encourage girls to donate their gowns to less fortunate teens are establishing themselves all throughout the United States and can be found by doing a simple Web search for “donating my quince dress”. A quince gown donation on your behalf can help make underprivileged quinceañeras’ dreams come true by alleviating some of that financial hardship and by spreading the gift of giving to other teens as well.

Get your money’s worth
But if you come across a financial situation yourself, you may want to consider selling your dress to the highest bidder. Ebay and Craigslist make it easier than ever to sale anything that you want to do away with and although you may not receive your complete investment, you will definitely make way into some extra cash that can go into a savings account or into paying off some of your quince debt.