Thursday, April 24th 2014


Life wouldn’t be the same without entertainment.

It makes us laugh, it makes us cry, it makes us believe, it makes us wise, and it even inspires us.

Surprise your guests with 3 Ball Monterrey music

Party to the rhythm of their electronic cumbia mixes.




Teen Celebrities Birthdays in April

Let’s find out who are April’s birthday boys and girls.



Quinceañeras on TV

Do you have anything in common with these TV Quinceañeras?



Most Popular Quinceañera Waltzes

Choosing the appropriate song for such a special moment is essential!




Meet Cheyo Carrillo

Cheyo Carrillo, everyone’s favorite chambelan will be performing at Quinceanera.com’s 2014 Los Angeles Expo and Fashion Show.

Your Celebrity Crush as the Perfect Chambelan

Is Harry Styles the chambelan of your dreams?



Top Brazilian Quinceañera Surprise Dance Songs

Have your guests dance the night away to the beat of samba.



80’s Inspired Music Playlist

Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” would be great for your Quince.