Saturday, August 1st 2015


Selena Gomez Shines as Pantene’s Newest Ambassador

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage of Selena’s first Pantene advertising shoot!

Wear Kendall Jenner’s style favorite!

Wear a piece by one of her favorite designers!

Why Zayn Malik left One Direction!

Well, there’s no more denying it, the news is actually true!

Pretty Little Liars… The Big A Reveal

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Your Favorite Celebs before Hitting Puberty LOL

Bye-bye chubby cheeks, funky hair & baby fat!

Think you’re a makeup pro? This guy will make you feel like a rookie!

Can makeup truly transform you into a completely different person? Apparently so!

Check out March’s Celebrity Birthdays

Who will blow out their Bday candles this month? Happy Birthday to you!