Thursday, April 24th 2014

Your Music

Surprise your guests with 3 Ball Monterrey music

Party to the rhythm of their electronic cumbia mixes.




Most Popular Quinceañera Waltzes

Choosing the appropriate song for such a special moment is essential!




Top Brazilian Quinceañera Surprise Dance Songs

Have your guests dance the night away to the beat of samba.



80’s Inspired Music Playlist

Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” would be great for your Quince.




Girl Power: Top 5 Ladies to Play at your Quince

Play these ladies’ girl power jams and your guests will be dancing all night!



Use only the best DJs for your quince event

Find a dj that knows what he or she is talking about!




Eclectic Quinceañera Songs for a Unique Quinceañera

Show off your knowledge of music!




A Step by Step Guide to a Perfect Choreography

    Whether you love to dance or you panic at the thought  of waltzing in front of everyone, the truth is that a  crowd as large as the hundreds of guests in a  Quinceañera can intimidate  anyone.Nevertheless, you  already have enough to worry about  planning the  details of your party; the choreography should be […]