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Cupcakes fit for a Quince

November 26, 2013 | [ 2 ]

Madalyn’s Cupcakes have delighted the taste buds of Hollywood movie stars.

Cupcakes are great opportunities to show off your creativity! Make them or order them in many varieties of flavors and designs.

Two years ago, when Kris Lara decided to start his own small business making cupcakes, he never imagined his creations would reach the mouths of Hollywood celebrities. First it was the Comic Con in San Diego, then the American Music Awards, and this year at the Golden Globes.

What is most impressive about this entrepreneur, who grew up in the San Gabriel Valley, is that he does not have an office or any employees. Alone, he made more than 100 cupcakes, each with its own stand and decoration, for the Golden Globes. The cupcake flavors were so delightful that Lara left with several offers for the Oscars.

Why have cupcakes at your quince? They are fun for any party! All the different flavors and colors will amaze your guests. The design of cupcakes are an art piece by themselves.

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  1. claudia says:
    I am so proud that our heritage is so talented and successful! God bless you in everything you do!!
  2. Anna Hernandez says:
    Love,love, this story.

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