Try a military haircut like Tito El Bambino if you are part of a Quinceañera court.

Getting your chambelanes to look their absolute best for your Quinceañera is not a difficult task when you follow the advice of celebrity hairstylist Joey Nieves. With over 16 years in the industry, Joey’s hands have worked the manes of some of the most gorgeous Latinos in entertainment. Jencarlos Canela, Luis Fonsi, and Tito El Bambino are three of his A-list clientele. Now, the Puerto Rican hair-extraordinaire and spokesperson for AXE hair products, turns his attention to chambelanes in this exclusive break down on how to style their hair following the latest trends.

1.)  Short Military (above)- you really can’t go wrong with this style because it’s classic and very popular amongst young men. For this cut start with a clean base. Every time you wash your hair, massage your scalp with shampoo using your fingers, not your nails. Then, use light product to tame any flyaways.


Luis Fonsi is known for rocking a choppy hairstyle.

2.)  Choppy– this cut has plenty of movement. The most important factor to this textured hairstyle is a perfect haircut because it will make it easier to style. Most importantly, and especially with this cut, is that hair also needs to breathe. So in order to give this look its care-fee finish, use a product that will give it a manageable hold.




Jencarlos Canela makes funky look cool.


3.) Funky– anything modern, like the latest mohawk’s, are a type of “funky” cut. The ‘hawk is making a comeback in a more subtle way, with shorter tails on the back. To achieve this hairstyle, get a haircut styled with added height at the front and clean all around. Most guys use gel and the end result is often hard, gooey hair.

But for this style, use a product that gives a strong hold but that doesn’t leave you with helmet hair.

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