Menstrual cramps are no big deal for some girls, they can even go unnoticed. Unfortunately for other girls, this is not always the case and they must deal with them when they come most inconveniently. If your quinceañera happens to coincide with your menstrual period, then you must prepare yourself with remedies for menstrual cramps, especially if you usually experience changes in mood, fatigue, pain and other symptoms that may ruin your special day.

If you want to enjoy your quinceañera without having to worry about cramps, make sure to take note of the following fast and effective homemade remedies for menstrual cramps.

• Place a hot towel on your lower abdomen to ease the cramps. Besides the soothing feeling, this will block nerve signals of pain to your brain.

• Drink hot tea. Drinking something hot will raise your inner body temperature. For this, we recommend non-caffeinated drinks such as soup, broth, chamomile or cinnamon tea.

• Exercise. Stretching and exercise can help you release endorphins that function as natural antibiotics.

• Vitamins and minerals. Foods and supplements rich in Vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, and zinc can help reduce pain, swelling, and other symptoms of menstruation. We know that you want to avoid having cramps the day of your Quince at all costs, which is why if you suffer from them every month, make sure to prepare at least one week prior to your celebration.

To avoid future menstrual cramps we recommend:

• Eating foods rich in calcium such as fresh fruit and vegetables. Keep salty foods to a minimum, especially if you are experiencing swelling, since salt retains liquids.

• Drink plenty of water in order to release toxins.

• Avoid food that is high in saturated fat.

• Avoid drinking coffee, since it slows down calcium absorption.

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