If you’re looking for a way to spice up your chambelanes’ wardrobe, you can look to some of the hottest Spring 2011 trends that have completely reshaped the way we think of neckties. Designer ties, novelty ties, skinny ties, extra-long ties, bow ties, boys’ ties and customizable ties as well, can completely alter the look of your chambelanes to suit the style you’re going for. Here are a few of those red carpet ready styles to consider.

Preppy bowties- Celebrities such as Kanye West have made the preppy bowtie modern day fashion staples. What used to be associated with Steve Urkle and his kind, is now considered fashionable as they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

The skinny tie is another trend that is steamingly hot. This much thinner and sleeker alternative to the traditional tie was made famous in high-end fashion magazines, runway shows and fashion advertisements. Taylor Lautner, Justin Bieber and American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest have all rocked this style to media and red carpet events.

Novelty ties allow the wearer to show off their personality and are a great way to incorporate your Quince theme into your chambelanes’ ensemble as well. Animal print ties, for example, are some of those novelty prints that are in high demand this season. Cheetah, leopard, zebra, and tiger print Quince themes can all be carried out in these fabulous tie patterns.

Take a look at some other cool tie styles to consider for your Quince, here.