Photographer We’ve given you make up and hairstyling tips to look  your very best for your pre-quince photo shoot. Now, got a hold of photographer Melinda  Torres, founder of Creating an Image photography, to  give our quince girls the scoop on how to deal with  nerves and what to expect for your quinceañera photo  shoot! What’s a girl to do when her butterfly nerves won’t let her beauty shine on to film?

Melinda: Having a consultation before the actual shoot helps a lot. During the consultation the photographer can get to know the client and the quinceañera in this case can become more comfortable with the photographer. As for the photo shoot itself, after a couple of pictures, it’s easy to get into the rhythm of the shoot and become more comfortable with the camera and lights. If the client is having fun and being himself, then that will definitely make the pictures come alive. So they should relax and have fun with it.

Quinceañera Photoshoot! I’ve heard that different make up should be worn for outdoor and indoor photo shoots. Is that true?

Melinda: From a photographer’s perspective, I think that the application of make up can be the same for both indoor and outdoor photo shoots, depending on the look you’re going for, of course. For a quinceañera it would be best to wear neutral tones and consider choosing different make-up techniques to achieve the look that you’re aiming for. The photographer can always tweak the images a little here and there to hide some imperfections.

Quinceañera Photoshoot Tips! What’s the deal with the nourishment situation. Should quinceañeras eat a hearty meal before their shoot, or go for a light snack instead?

Melinda: Eating a big meal minutes before such an important photo shoot is definitely not a good idea! A light snack should do the trick.


Say Cheese!Quinceañ Should quinceañeras show up to the photo shoot with their hair and make up done, or can that be done on set?

Melinda: It depends. Some photographers work with their own hairstylists and make up artists. I for example, have my own hairstylists and make up artist that I can recommend to clients if they are in need of one. But if a client wants to do their own hair and make up, then that’s fine with me. But it’s always best to bring this up with the photographer during the consultation. Every photographer works differently.

Beauty rest is key! What 4 tips would you say are crucial to having a successful photo shoot?

Melinda: Get enough rest the night before, get a facial, get a good make-up artist and hairstylist that you can trust, and relax! Be yourself.

There you have it ladies! Make your photographer a potential BFF, skip the 4-pancake breakfast special, ease up on the make up and most importantly, say cheese and have fun!


  • Ashley

    How many months for the party am I supposed to do the photo shoot?

  • Ashley

    How many months before the party am I supposed to do the photo shoot?

  • Great photo tips for Quinceanera girls! Thanks for sharing.

  • amy

    youre invited to amys qincenera