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12-month Step-by-Step Quinceañera Planning List

October 9, 2012 | [ 403 ]

Step-by-step quinceañera planning list

Your 12-month Quinceañera planning list


12 Months Before 

  • Select potential godparents (contributing sponsors)
  • Plan on number of guests
  • Collect magazines and catalogs for ideas
  • Make a planning notebook
  • Choose theme and colors
  • Contact church priest (Determine parish requirements, book date)
  • Ask for referrals for photographers, caterers, DJ’s, invitation printers, flower shops and bakeries (for such services it is usually best to work with someone you were referred to)
  • Research possible event sites for availability and security measures they offer

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11 Months Before

  • Discuss budget plans with potential godparents
  • Visit event sites
  • Meet with caterers for tasting
  • Select style of invitation’ style
  • Decide whether you will purchase your dress or have it custom-made.

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10 Months Before

  • Select your Quince court (the number in the court is your decision, 7 couples are recommended.)
  • Select and book the following:
  • Bakery/cake
  • Caterer
  • Music provider (live band or DJ)
  • Photographer and video
  • Florist
  • Reserve event hall
  • Verify that church is available on event date and reserve
  • Order invitations
  • Select fashion designer if the dress will be custom-made
  • If you decided instead to purchase your dress, begin your search

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9 Months Before

  • Visit fashion designer for formal dress selection
  • Meet with your entire court to discuss their physical attire (after selecting yours)
  • Select accessories
  • Select shoes
  • Purchase party favors and decorations (these can even be created by your family)

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6 Months Before

  • Select and purchase “Last Doll”
  • Select and purchase the Bible
  • Reserve hotel rooms for guests
  • Reserve limousine

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3 Months Before

  • Pick up invitations
  • Arrange rehearsal with court
  • Hair/makeup test-run

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2 Months Before

  • Send out invitations
  • Verify details with your service providers
  • DJ and song list
  • Hair/Makeup
  • Final fitting for gown
  • Remind guests who have not responded (in order to avoid unnecessary expenses)

Consider any of these Quinceanera music playlists

1 Month Before

  • For a formal reception create seating chart
  • Write a speech or speeches (you may choose a poem for the church and a speech for the reception or vice-versa, or you may choose a song)
  • Ask your father or date of honor to write your speech
  • Verify final details with:
  • Florist
  • Bakery
  • Photographer
  • Priest or Pastor

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2 Weeks Before

  • Pick up gown
  • Perform hair/makeup test-runs
  • Avoid too many fatty foods, chocolates or other items that might keep your skin from looking its best

1 Week Before

  • Get plenty of rest and relaxation so you will look radiant on the day of your Quinceañera
  • Verify that you are not missing anything from your planning list

Day of the Celebration

  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Hair and makeup appointment(s)

Day after Celebration

  • Send out thank-you note


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  • http://www.quinceañera.com Michelle Mora
    I haven't decided on my damas dresses my quinceañera is going to be in may 2016 I need help on my damas dresses. Sincerely, Michelle mora whether sort or long need ideas thank you for your time.
  • http://www.quinceañera.com Michelle Mora
    I haven't decided on my damas dresses my quinceañera is going to be in may 2016 I need help on my damas dresses. Sincerely, Michelle mora
  • Ashley Licon
    Hi I'm 15 &&' I don't know what to do for the invitations and the father daughter dance Because I wanna put my real dad but my step dad is paying for the quince but I want my real dad to be part of it HELP ME PLZ
  • Viridiana
    HiI was wondering is it okay to have your quinceñera without having to go to church. My familys religion its complicated and i wanted to know if it was okay to just have to the party.
    • Grecia Hernandez
      Of course it is, every aspect of a quinceanera can be personalized to suit the quince girl's lifestyle!
  • Alejandra
    Hi my name is alejandra and im going to have my quinceanera in about 1 year or so but my mom wants to buy a quinceanera package but idk where i can buy one does anyone have any suggestions?? If so plz help!! She wants to know so she can ask my godfathers/mothers for some money to help buy the whole package... I really need help!!!
    • Grecia Hernandez
      venues sometimes offer quince packages meaning that aside from renting the place they include, music, food, drinks and sometimes even centerpieces. Other QUince packages are sold at stores where they include the dress, the shoes, the tiara plus other quince accessories
  • Alisa
    hey well my 15 is in 8 months and i want to do a father daughter dance with my step dad but i don't know want song is appropriate for are relationship, were not really close but I would still like to do father daughter dance...any songs ideas? HELP??!?!?
    • Ariana Gomez
      To dance with my father again
    • Joslyn Torres
      with arms wide open - creed
  • I want to have a quince mass
    I'm twelve and I really sad about quince you see I'm not baptized or had have my first communion, so I can't have a quince mass (misa). Is it bad not to have the quince mass or misa when your turning 15 and having a quincenera.
    • Grecia Hernandez
      Go to a church, perhaps they can work something out with you :) You can always try do so something symbolic. Our best advice is to go the church where you would like to have your Quince mass and ask them :)
  • Destiny Villegas
    no es así como se supone que la quinceañera original para ser su supone que tiene una muñeca y todos los chicos de su corte
  • Nayelie
    hi my 15 is in 2 years i am 13 is it to early to start planning if not shouldn't the court have more rehearsal to get the dance perfect please answer soon
    • Grecia Hernandez
      Is never too early to plan a Quinceanera, the rehearsal are intended not to be perfect when performing but to ease the nerves of those dancing. Have fun, don't worry is you forget your steps. If you still do you have plenty of time to rehearse ;)
      • mayra garcia
        Hi I was wondering if its OK to just have damas and no chambelanes?
        • Grecia Hernandez
          of course!
  • one year till 15
    Hi I will be 14 this November and my family and I have already started planning. But my mother says that I can't have a court Cuz she says its too much and she wants my 15 to be more about me and more intimate. I understand what she means by this but I want to know if its OK that I won't have an official court?? And is there any way I can involve a few of my friend and cousins in my quince ( like t shorts and set up etc) like they're my court but without the whole shabang???
    • Grecia Hernandez
      Some girls prefer not having damas because they don't want to share the spotlight with them. Having a Quinceanera is about your coming of age, it does not matter if you have court or not. If you still want to include our cousins talk to your mom, ask her to meet you halfway. Give up something like choosing the centerpieces, she gets to pick whatever she likes, in return you get to have damas ;)
  • Adriana Betancourt
    Hi my name is Adriana and I was wondering if u need your confirmation done for a 15
    • Grecia Hernandez
      No you don't, having a Quinceanera is not a sacrament therefore you don't need your confirmation!
  • karina
    ok. so most of my boy friends are white and i doubt they know how to dance anything but the cha cha slide. who do i get as my chambelanes?
    • Ariana Gomez
      You can get professionally choreographers
    • Grecia Hernandez
      LOL Don't assume they cannot dance! They could surprise you. You can always get the help of a professional choreographer ;) like Ariana suggested
  • Alexis
    I don't know my play list and don't know the songs could u give me some ideas plz thank you
    • Joslyn Torres
      do some of the usual line dances along with some new & old pop songs add a little country & of course the mexican music ! :) hope this helps . dont do too many songs that your guest will probably not know
  • Fatima Duque
    Hi, my name is Fatima, and I'm 13, i'm planning my quince, and I'm organizing my court. I live in a community with little Latinos, so most of my friends are Americans. I want them to be in my court, how do I explain to them what they'll be doing during everything? This is their first time being part of a court, and want me to explain it more clearer. Please help me!
    • Grecia Hernandez
      Tell them how important is the QUinceanera tradition among your community and as part of your culture. Once you explain this it might be easier for them to comprehend, they might even relate it to their culture and will definitely feel flattered
  • Evelin
    Hi! My goddaughter will turn 15 in about 4 years. Is it too soon to start planning her quince now? She said she wants like a ocean/beach theme but is not sure wat color she wants her dress. I hope u can help me out with some ideas :)
    • Grecia Hernandez
      It is never too soon to start planning a Quinceanera, the sooner the better actually. The stress will still be there but it will be less, guaranteed!
    • Joslyn Torres
      You should look at ombre dresses that go from white to dark blue . Or perhaps go on to pinteret or google and search something . I wouldnt make a final decision just yet on the theme she wants . I started planning my quince around the same time , and I ended up going through atleast 5 or more different themes , but I am finally sticking to one , but I suggest to keep your eyes open , because there might be something new by the time she turns 15.
  • AfroLatina4ever
    Hey umm... my quince anos will be (I hope) November 14th, 2015. My mom is completely fine with the idea but my dad is not. My family is Haitian and my mom is of Cuban decent. would it be weird if I were to have one because a lot of people say that I wont fit in having one because im black and not beautiful tan like the rest of the Latinas out there. Also would it be ok if we were to change of the church ceremony a little bit because I am not catholic but I am evangelical?
    • Elizabeth de la Torre
      How you want to have your quince party should be up to you! You don't always have to follow tradition. Also, have you considered asking for an alternate gift instead of a quinceañera party? Just a suggestion. Maybe a car, a trip to Europe, a bedroom makeover, or whatever? Talk to your parents to come up with a compromise.
      • Chelsea
        Hi my name is Chelsea I am 14 and my sweet 15 is going to be in January I haven't started on anything at all my mom and I just have ideas and the dress I want, we are soon going to buy the dress but haven't started booking or searching for anything else. We have discussed the event hall and saw if the day was open and it was but we haven't booked it, I have asked friends for my court and a few say yes but it isnt final since its about 9 months away. Like I said we have many ideas that we have and are in place that we are going to do, so do you have any tips or advice of what I should do from now and if I have enough time to do everything ? Thank you!!!
        • Grecia Hernandez
          You have plenty of time, no worries! The first thing would be setting up a budget, based on that you can decide the number of guests and the venue you can afford. We just sent you a link to our planning guide :) let us know how it goes, good luck planning your quince, Chelsea!
    • Tiffany
      Are you putting the girls short or long dresses
      • Marielis
        I think that the best choice for the damas dresses could be short cause is going to look a little weird if all of your court and u have long dresses.
    • Lizzie
      My daughter is of African American decent on my end and Spanish, Italian, Mexican, German decent on her fathers. It doesn't matter what percentage you are you deserve such a blessing. Latin peoples come in so many colors other than what you see on T.V and cuban people particularly are just beautiful people. No you won't fit in. You'll be an individual amongst a broad community of extraordinary individuals and you are just as much latina as they are! And when my little blessing is old enough she will have her Quinceañera too.
    • Gisselle
      I dont see anything wrong with you having a quincenera and making changes to it. And so what if you're not completly a latina, i dont think it will be weird. I hope you have a quincenera and make sure to make it an unforgettable experiance. Also, is your birthday really on november 14 or is it on another day? I was juat wondering since I will be turning 15 on november 14,2015 too.
    • Laurie
      I think it's completely fine, don't let people judge how you do things or if you do things because of what people think or will say, you can definitely change the religion based on your own, after all it is your party, hope it's on that date too and have a blast! I'm also turning 15 on the same year and hoping for the Quinceañera of my dreams hope it goes like that for you!!!! Laurie
    • carla
      Of course you can have a quinceanera. Im a black latina, just like you. My mother is Cuban and my dad is Haitian. I dont deny my Haitian culture so why wouldnt I acknowledge my spanish culture. Just like in Haiti, Spanish people come is all shades. Im actually planning my daughter's quinceanera for june of next year.
    • Jennifer
      Hey (: Its fine for you to have your 15. As long as you want to have one. It doesn't necessarily have to be for light latinas. You have time to plan, I suggest you start with your mom. Every 15 is different due to religion, talk to the person in charge of your church. They can tell you a little more about a quinceanera ceremony in your religion. Good luck !
    • Brendy
      you should have a fiftheen no matter what u are!!! i dont think it would be weird at all !!!
    • http://www.yahoo.com meli
      it would not matter because it is not only for latinas in other words the quinceanera is only a celebration of a girl turning into a young lady your church and background do not depend much on it.
    • Joslyn Torres
      If your parents think its too much a different cultural tradition because of your race just go with a sweet 16 since its not really a "cultural thing" my friend is going through the same thing , she half african american and half mexican . so she is just doing a sweet 16
  • elizabeth
    Is it to late to start planning 4 months ahead, I would have started like last year but i thought my familia would say no
    • Grecia Hernandez
      There is still plenty of time Elizabeth, no worries! Make a list, that always helps me stay organized :)
  • Emmy
    What should I do? My sweet 16 is in less then 2 months and I still don't have a choreographer! I'm stressing out! Anyone know if there's any good choreographers out here in the San Fernando area or Palmdale area? If so my I have their number?
    • Elizabeth de la Torre
      Is that all you need help with? Do you have chambelanes, a dress, a quince playlist, or a quince menu planned yet?
    • Laurie
      In my opinion it doesn't have to be super fancy, what i liked to do is search something simple on youtube people won't notice as long as it looks well coordinated and organized. Good luck, Laurie
  • Maria
    I have so much to work on.... gee-wizToday 03-24-14 My 15-11-07-14Excited but nervous ^.^
  • Kimberly
    Hi my name is kimberly and my quince is in 5 months I have some stuff ready but other than I don't know what to do help me !!!
    • Elizabeth de la Torre
      Read this quiceañera planning guide very carefully. It tells you everything you need to know!
  • Tina
    Is 4 months enought time?
  • ruby
    I just want your advice hi my name is ruby and I will be 25 March 24 and I need to know why I should have a quinceanera I mean it's not that I don't want one its just that isn't the whole point of turning 15 is to grow up and start dating having fun with your friends go out with your boyfriend but my parents are so strict that they won't let me go out even if I turn 15 give me some good a** advice
    • ruby
      Sorry I mean I will be 15
    • Grecia Hernandez
      HI Ruby! You don't need to have a Quince if you don't want one. There is no specific point of turning 15, you can have fun with your friends prior to that age, now the whole dating thing, for that you will have to ask your parents LOL If you want your parents to be less strict show them they can trust you. Create a plan with them, compromise to get good grades and do your chores around the house, in return you can get fun dates with your friends and if they agree, perhaps even a boyfriend.
  • ruben
    I'm buying the earrings for my niece quince how much should i spend. I bought some $400 diamond studs but my wife says it to much I say it's not. Help??
    • Elizabeth de la Torre
      It depends. No one else will no if it's too expensive but you.
  • Eulogia Morales
    I am 13 and I want to start planning my quince already bc I am coming from a very poor family do you have any suggestions?
    • Grecia Hernandez
      Hi Eulogia, first things first: come up with a budget.A quinceañera does not necessarily means you need money and go all out :) You can have a small, personalized and beautiful quince incorporating all the elements needed in a smaller scale. Invite only those who truly mean the world to you and viceversa, do the waltz, have your cake (or cupcakes) and take lots of pictures to remember such a special day :)Let us know how it goes!
  • ali
    how much is a quincenera ????
  • ali
    well im 13 im going to turn 14 in september which is in about 7 months and we alredy got the hall is where is going to be by any chance do any of u know how much is a quincenera ???
    • Grecia Hernandez
      Quinceaneras can accomodate you any budget. Having a Quinceanera is not about a lavish celebration with the most expensive dress. If you're looking to have a 40 guests private fiesta perhaps $2,000 will do, take a look at this article: http://www.quinceanera.com/budget/plan-quinceanera-2000/ However some Quinceaneras are super expensive, have you seen Quiero Mis QUince? OMG!!
  • Selena
    Does your court recieve a seperate invitation?
    • Grecia Hernandez
      Hi Selena! No, they don't. The advantage of being part of the court is that they might find out the details on your party sooner than the rest of your guests but the invite remains the same.
  • hollywood
    I started planning my 15s in January and there in may so I think doing a whole in advance to start planning is kind of ridiculous .... but I know when I have month to plan everything im gonna go crazy
    • Brenda
      My party is on September 6 ,2014 . its seven months from now & I just decided im going to do it . but I have no idea what I am doing. I mean I have the financial support but I just don't know what to get , where to do it
    • Leticia Martinez
      that so good for you ihave not started at all
  • Damaris
    Hi my names Damaris, and I'm 12 I'm turning 13 in about five and a half months and I started planning my quince and I'm not sure weather to have it in San Francisco, ca or just keep it here in McAllen I am willing to pay for my family and friends tickets so they don't have to worry about the expenses and I'll rent them hotels or they can stay in my mansion but I have been planning this for awhile so should I or not? Please answer back please.
    • Elizabeth de la Torre
      whatever you decide, keep it as inexpensive as possible. Do not think that having a quinceañera far away is better than one near home. For example, some of the best quinceañeras are right in the backyard of their own house! Just keep these tips in mind:)
      • raquel
        why do we have to keep it expensive what if we don't have a big budget
        • Elizabeth de la Torre
          No no no. Spend how ever much you want on your quinceañera! If you want a small party then go for it! In fact both large and small parties can be equally as fun. What's important is that you spend it with family and friends. that's all.
    • youwish
      You wish you had a mansion XD
    • Jasmine Hernandez
      Just follow ur heart and it will tell u what to do
      • Elizabeth de la Torre
        and it always does in life!
    • cynthia gonzalez
      It depends where mostly your family live which means your fathers & mothers
    • Leticia Martinez
      i think that a good head start because you can be changing your ideas with out worring
    • Bobbi
      Damaris ..? Is that you ...? :O
    • Madey
      I am twelve and just started planning too. I was wondering the same thing. I don't now whether to have it where my moms family lives or my dads. I was thinking maybe new York, but most of my family lives in Kentucky. Idk.
      • Elizabeth de la Torre
        Hmmm...Well we suggest that you have it wherever the majority of your family is. That why it will be similar to a family reunion.
  • marcy kitty
    how long does it usally take to plan a quince ? because i only have 8 months . and is there any such thing as a "simple" quince ?
    • Elizabeth de la Torre
      YES! Read this article for tips: http://bit.ly/1iMvuoB.
      • Jaclyn P
        My Sweet 16 is in June 2015. My parents and I have already started planning. We have a guest list but my question is, do you invite the parents of your court?
        • Grecia Hernandez
          Hi Jaclyn, most parents don’t feel comfortable allowing their children to spend their free time with people they don’t know. If this is the case with your friend’s parents, invite them to attend your rehearsals. This will give them the opportunity to meet your parents and feel more at ease with having your friend spend so much time on your Quince. If you wish, you can invite your friend’s parents to your Quinceanera however you don't have to.
    • Laurie
      You have all the time in the world, i have friends who have started within 2 months and have done an amazing job but yes start right away, some things are recommened for taking months to plan but can easily be done in two months by working and searching hard enough. Good luck, Laurie
  • yuli garcia
    Hey so I have 6 more months until my party and I have no idea what to do.. Helo
    • Elizabeth de la Torre
      catch up on the tips you need by browsing through more of our articles! Let us know if you want us to write a specific article on a topic you need help with.
    • Laurie
      I have friends who planned in two months!You just need the right amount of inspiration and hard working abilities. I think that if you work hard enough for a quinceañera some works that lasts months can be done in a month or less. Good luck, Laurie
  • griselda bojorquez
  • griselda bojorquez
    I started planning sence i was 7 and now i am turning 13 and i am still not done plan i dont no wiitch dress to choose either blue and white or peacock themes and without that i cant get anything done please help chose between these two
    • youwish
      Blue and white would look very pretty.
    • Marylin
      First of all (not judging its just my opinion) I think 7 is way too young to start planning a quinceanera cause people change their minds on many things while growing up. And for the dress choice I think you should choose something that you really like, after all its hard to go online and ask people to choose what dress you will wear everyone has different opinions and this is mine
    • latinaboo
      Welllll sizes can change which is why you shouldn't plan stuff like shoes an dresses thaaatt early. Further more, styles may change as well
    • Melanie
      Hi. I'm 14 going to turn 15 in January 2015. I wouldn't suggest picking a dress out just yet because you haven't finished growing. I suggest picking your dress about 10 months away from your party so it'll be just right. And don't worry you have 2 years to go.
  • Gabby Mahone
    Im 14 and I want my quince but im scared to ask my parents since I think that my parents will just reject the thought about me having a quince because of the possible out come of the worth of the whole thing. I really want my quince with my pink dress, surprise dance along with my friends and family. Should I ask my parents if I can have on the the thought of me and my friends planning it with help of their owen or no. I want my quince but im scared to ask even tho I started to plan things already in case I ever get the chance to ask them
    • queen nellie
      I had the same problem. I'm 13 turning 14 in a couple of months my parents never really brought up the idea of a quince until one day I finally got the couraged and asked if i was going to ve allowed to have one. Guess what? They totally agreed, just with the rules of being good and obeying them, Im excited. So yes girl ask! You never know they might agree as well. give it a try
  • Lesley Perez
    Okay I'm 14 and my 15 is in 11 months is it to late to plan or to early, I don't even know what to do I'm so nervous
    • Nefertari
      There is no right or wrong answer to your question. I started planning my quince when I was 12 and now I'm 14 with 6 more months to go! I'm so exc
      • Nefertari
        There is no right or wrong answer to your question. I started planning my quince when I was 12 and now I'm 14 with 6 more months to go! I'm so excited. You can definitely start planning now that way if you want to change something later on you won't be stressed out about this whole thing. Hope I helped!
  • Destiny
    Does anyone know how much a Quinceanera costs, or what you do at the church that morning, I'm mixed with hispanic and african can I even have one?
    • youwish
      yes you can have one, and about $10,000
    • Francesca
      The Cost Depends, but my cousin is half Hispanic and African American and she just had her Quince. It doesn't matter where you come from, the question is if you want one. :)
  • Paloma
    Hi my name is Paloma. And I am 14 I will be 15 in January. I was wondering is it too late for me to have a quinceanera? Plus I am half Mexican. But my mom separated from my dad when I was young. and she kind of shuns the whole fact that I am half Mexican except when I get a tan in the summer. I hate that she does that. Anyway is it to late? and do you think my mom will let me? (P.s she remarried but... it another one of my other half my Serbian side)
  • Rosa
    Hi im 14 and my quince is in augus bht I dont know what to do because well right know I see my famyli struguling for money but my mom said yea I could have one but what do u guys think that I should have one
    • Kailee
      Every young women deserves one. No matter wat and if your low Lon money u should just keep it cheap. A few guests a small cake and lots of fun don't sweat it it will be beautifull weather it's. 200$ or 20000$
      • Elizabeth de la Torre
        Of course! A big fancy party is not necessary. Keep it-fun size!
  • Jacky Santiago
    Im Jvaing A Quinceañera In About 10-11 Months. Idk If Its Too Early. Is It.? Also Idk At All How To Start Planning It. So Many Things To Do But Idk How To Start Planning.
  • http://guinceaneraplaner Esmeralda
    i love all of these cool ideasi think it will help alot. my quince is in feb with the snow and everything but imma to in in june so i have time to plan it and so it will be in summer/ish. i can wait to start planning this. my friend is 13 and she already has everything ready for her quince. :P
  • Jaqueline
    Hey I'm turning 14 in July do u think it's to early for me to plan it ?
    • Giselle
      No it's not too early to plan it (: I started planning mine in April & my quinceanera is in May :)
    • marie
      it is never too early to start planning your quince or sweet 16! im turning 14 in April and my mom and i have already chosen out a hall!! small things like the food and dance teacher are good for towards the party month , but big things like the party hall and the dresses are always okay to look at now that way you have time to get the money and stuff like that! anyways i wish you the best of luck.
    • Candyce
      Start planning two months after you're 14
    • nayeli
      Hey well im turning 14 this year and im already planning my Quinceañera so I don't think its a bad idea to start planning. It will also give you time to revise and confirm everything.
    • carly vasquez
      I am staring to plan mine too cuz i have only 3 years but yhu kniw que los anos se van de volada cx
  • Tiffany
    My sweet 16 is in 2 years. I'm turning 14. Do you think is too early. I have everything i want the theme dress everything. Do you think is too early
    • vanessa
      yes i think it is to early for you can change your mind so i believe you shouldnt buy anuthing for it yet, i mean you can look at things but just try not to fall in love with them keep your mind open to options
      • Nefertari
        Actually it's never too early to start planning your Quinceanera. I was 12 when I started planning my Quinceanera and now I'm 14.
    • sonia
      Hey sweety it too early to start getting everything .
    • Kailee
      I think it's just fine plan plan plan my BFF started hers 4 years early and she has 2 yEars to go and she's not even close to done we're young Nd busy take your time to make something perfect
      • Elizabeth de la Torre
        Yes, at this time in our life you don't want to only focus on one thing when there is so much to do, live, and experience. That's why its important to plan quinceañera parties in advance so that you don't wait till the last minute to be bombarded with planning only.
  • http://www.HQ3G54urIP.com/HQ3G54urIP Deneen Romer
    Many thanks so much! That's really wonderful to hear!
  • savannah
    Hi, I'm only a little bit Spanish on my dad's side. I really want a quienceañeara, but i dont know if my mother wants me to have one. what should i do???
    • Alexandra
      I think you should ask. Your mother loves you and I'm sure she will be supportive. Don't lose hpe. ;)
    • Merisa
      Well I am only half Mexican and I had one and I was the time of my life. So if you really want one then ask your parents what they think. If they say no you can always have a Sweet 16
    • marie
      you dont have to be Spanish to have a quinceanera neither do you have to be american to have a sweet 16! it all depends on what you think you will have more fun planning! unlike me im having a quinceanera because i cant wait an entire 2 years for a sweet 16! and i agree with alexandra,im pretty sure your mother will agree on whatever you decide !
      • Jenetae Acevedo
        Hi. Im 14 and I turn 15 in 11 months I want a quince but im only a little bit mexican im mostly black and white. I dont think my parents would be very supportive. What should I do? & I don't think we're prepared financially. What should I do in that area?
  • josaphine
    okay whole story: im going to share my quincera with my cousin for money saving problems. Her theme is masked ball and mine is the carnival Do they go together? Also how do i ask who i want the damas and chamibilins - sorry i have horrible spelling- if they want to be them? thanks and please i need answers btw my quince is in 2015 and im already planning and im not asking them now.
    • Merisa
      I think that those themes would look good together. And for the chambelanes and damas you and your cousin will pick them. Most of the time they are close friends and family. But make sure that if they do not know what a quince is to let them know and that they will have to commit. Last thing is that to make sure they know they will have to buy/rent their dress or tux. I hope everything goes well
  • stacee
    so im planning my own quince iknow whose paying for wat but my mom keeps tell me shes doesn't want nothing to do with it she will just pay for the food wat should I do
    • josaphine
      i think you should ask people if they can help and also you could work to get some money of have a garage sale, bake sale, or a raffle
  • Marlene
    Sorry for the bother but my birthday is December 08 I don't know if I should wait till around April or June to do it or to just do it on my birthday a response would be awsome! Kay thanks!:)
    • http://QUINCEANERA.COM jocelyn
      what ever gives u the most time to plan and make sure everything is ready!!
  • Toria
    I'm biracial (half African American half Hispanic) so I decided to have a sweet quince! But I thought It would be logical to have it like when I'm 15 and a half so when I'm in between 15 and 16. Would this make sense? Or would it make more sense to have a sweet quince near the actual day of my birthday?
    • Toria
      Sweet quince= mixture of sweet 16 and a quinceañera
      • http://deleted Kailee
        Maybe u could call it sweet 15
    • Elizabeth de la Torre
      Actually, that sounds very creative! Nice thinking....I see an article coming up in the future about that.
      • Ashley
        Thats a really good idea im doing mine in june because i dont want to do it in january cause its freezing do you mind if i call it that btw it was a brilliant idea good luck and best wishes
  • http://ask.fm/Karlaaaaaa__ Karla
    Heeey Sorry to bother !! But My Quince Is On Feb 22 , 2014 , 6 Months Away . When Should I Start dance Practices ? Like Im Barely asking Them I'm Not So Sure Who's In It Or Not I'm Kinda still Looking. I Guess the Year Went By Fast I Didn't Notice It's Just 6 Months Away ! I Just Needa Know When's A Good Time To Start Dance Practices o; ? Please Leave A Comment !
    • Sarai
      Honestly write down ALL the people who are going to be in it for sure... and then after that like next month start practices so you have enough time for practices 5 months of practice.. nobody will mess up
    • samantha
      at least 2-3 months before some maybe be good and learn fast but some may not and takes time to perfect it
  • abi jimenez
    hi i only have for months for my party and I only have my damas and chambelanes I need help on what else I need and like the prices helppppppp me
  • ana
    Mine is in May next year and my parents really don't seem interested :/ what do I do to start planning someone help do I have enough time?
  • ana
    Okay guys so what exactly goes on during this day church in the morning then food with family then everyone goes to the salon and wait for people to show up so you could do the father daighter dance then? I am so confused like how do we go from ppace to place then how the dancee are arranged and how many dances?
  • Alexis Mendoza
    Hey guys I'm turning 13 in October nd my quinceanera is gonna be in 2015 and I already have my 4 damas and 2 chambelanes but I don't noe where to have the 15 cuz I'm thinking of having it at my aunts house but its just that she lives 2 hrs away from me but I don't know what else I need for the quince. Can anybody plzz help me thanks
    • Alexis Mendoza
      Oh and does anybody know anyone who does the hair in L.A?
  • Jasmine
    so I know someone probably already asked this, but how should I ask guys to be in my court of honor? I already know how I'm gonna ask the girls but I'm not sure about the guys because I'm a little shy. Please help!
    • alejandra
      well pretty much just try to bring up a conversation and when there going to leave ask. or just tell them you need to talk to them and pop the question good luck!!!
  • Kitty Gang Member
    Hi everyone. My quinceanera is on March 21st 2014 (a Friday) and celebrating it the next day March 22 2014.I have begun planning the last week and have have my damas and my padrinos for dress, album, necklace, ect. But My real problem is getting the chambelans. I really don't have any close guy friends, and most of my family is is either Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. I don't know what to do. I also don't know what them I want... Can any of ya'll give me ideas. One last thing is inviting my friends. My mom doesn't want me to invite most of my friends because I have friends in my court. Is it ok to have a court of 7 each? Sorry for uneeded information about this and such a long comment. Help me!!! Ayuda!!! (I feel like I spelled that wrong)
    • Kitty Gang Member
      After the chambelans part... them is theme
    • http://quinceanera.com/planing ariana
      Hey well if you dont have chambelanes you could also ask your friends if they have brothers around your age or there is also websites that i seen that you could rent guys thats all i could say bye :)
    • kimberly nunez
      Well there are agencies you can call and they will send you some chambelanes
    • Gala
      Well if YOU dont have any guy friends YOU could let your damas pick the guys & if YOU have atleast one close guy friend YOU ahítos make him your chambelan Of honor my opinion
    • xoxo_herbas
      Well if you don't have enough chambelanes, i guess you could take out some of your friends even though it could be a tough decision. But you could also ask cousins or if your friends have brothers, you could ask them also. Even if you don't know them you can get to know them while have quince practices.(: i hope this helped.(:
    • yaneli
      Mine is the exsact same day as yoy
      • Liz
        Mine is on March 22, 2014 too :)
    • Mary
      If you have enough friends, 14 girls and 1 chamberlain is also very traditional. Each girl represents a year of your life. The chamberlain serves as your escort. You can either ask a friend, a friend's brother, or yes...hire a cute guy to walk you around! Ain't no shame in that! ^_^
    • Sophia
      My quinces are a couple weeks before yours, March 1st to be exact. Well about the guys? You can always pick brothers & cousins or even distant friends, doesnt have to be close friends. Either way you dont have to have any guys maybe just damas most of my friends have just had girls, its way easier trust me!!Court wise yes it is reccommened to have 7 each but technially the choice of number is yours. Normally a quinceanera is for family more than friends but now a days its changed completely but push for some friends, remember is it YOUR day not heres.Well i know you'll get your way eventually well i hope you do! Goodluck.
  • http://manajemenfeuntirta.com baby shower stuff baby shower favors
    This is my first time pay a quick visit at here and i am actually impressed to read everthing at one place.
  • http://punchedinthehead.com Tyler Marchewski
    Hey all!My name is Tyler and I'm working with an award-winning production company and a top-rated national cable network to cast a new docu-series that will explore unique perspectives on parenting. I've posted a casting notice below. If this sounds like your parents, get in contact with us, we'd love to talk more about the program!"What’s your parenting style? You could be featured on a new cable series!Are you an attachment parent? Tiger Mom? A green parent? Free range? Authoritative? Permissive? Or do you have a style that’s all your own?We’re looking for moms and dads with unique perspectives on parenting for a new series on a top-rated national cable network. Please send your name, phone number, e-mail address, a description of your family/parenting style, and a photo to [email protected].More info available at http://punchedinthehead.com/casting."
  • Taylor Roberson
    Even though mine isnt until 2018(5 Years)I already have a theme set.
  • Gomez ,Victoria
    PLEASE SOMEBODY!! I'm dying to know the answer! When do I ask my court-maybes , if they'd like to participate! HHHEEELLLPPP!!
    • jen
      ask them around 5 months until your celebration. do not hesitate to call and bother them alot because there is a chance some will back out (like mine after they told me they'd be in it). And make sure to check if its okay with their parents after all they are the ones paying for the stuff! hope this helps
    • kiity gang member
      try to let them know a good time before, up to maybe 6 months and people you want to be with, not just because your parents say. you most likely know this but doesn't hurt to keep hearing it. have fun with your quince!!!! Also don't make them feel pressured to join. once you let them know give them some time. Create some small talk with a few of your friends at once, when one goes on board I bet the rest of them will. Enjoy your fun day!
  • Joseph
    Hey I'm trying to celebrate my niece 15th birthday but her birthday is not until August 7 2015 is it to early to start planning
    • Gomez ,Victoria
      Well depends on how perfect you want it! Mine is in early November 2015, and I'm starting to plan, mostly little things though! Such as court of honor-maybes, dances I wanna do, finding padrinos/madrinas, choosing potential venues!
      • D0n0v@n 0wens Fan!!!
        2 Victoria Gomez, Mine is also in November 2015..... November 14,2015. Many people often hate or criticize me becuz my skin tone is brown. I was born here but my family is Haitian Cuban so people often say im black, I shouldn't be trying to plan this early, why don't I wait until im 16 to have a sweet 16. which is not something I nor my family. wanna do... well good luck planning yours. God Bless
    • ME
      Nope, you first want to secure the church before you even consider a venue, then you can go from there. You can also start looking around for centerpieces, color scheme etc., make sure you make a budget list and follow it. Try not to depend on any sponsors because they will fall through.If she's going to have a court you make sure you contact the parents at least four weeks before you start rehearsing, because most of the time parents are clueless that their child has accepted.
    • http://quinceanera.com/planing ariana
      Well i say its never too early to start planning and well.i think its good because mine is in January 28 2015 and people come up to be and there like im.gonna give.you the crown.,limo ... so its good that you're planning now
  • rachel
    If you found the dress you want online and filled out the "customized size" do you still have to meet up with a fashion designer?
  • http://Facebook.com/EMOALO Alondra
    well my 15 is in 8 months I haven't started
    • Destiny Torres ❤
      Omg you still have alot to go , i only have 4 months :D Super Nervous And Excited .
  • http://Facebook Elaina
    Ok I'm having my 15 but my limo waz canceled I can't find anyone for my twin brother I don't know wht to do anymore plz help
    • josaphine
      check with your parents about the limo and see what they can do. For you twin brother why not it be you him and the chambilin of honor - i dont think that was spelled right -
  • veronica
    would white and silver go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    • Marie
      I think white and silver go absolutely perfect!but if I were you. Would also add a color such as pink,blue,green,orange,etc.Whatever color you choose I'm sure it would be fanamanal ...have fun on the day of celebration !!!!!!!!
  • Jackie
    Is it okay to not have a court for your quince?
    • http://Facebook.com/EMOALO Alondra
      yeah its fine
    • Jessy
      Def. It helps you involve your guy friends as well as you close girl friends! :)
    • Marie
      Yeah absolutely my cousin didn't have one and everything still looked beautiful The only thing that matters is to have one of the best times of your life!
    • ME
      Yes, then you become the center of attention which is what you want. You will look stunning in church and when you dance the waltz
  • Kaci
    Hi my name is Kaci .! i need help planning my quince my birthday is March 26. I wanna go traditional but i have no damas yet or boys! And i need tips i wanna ask this really Good friend of mine but i dont know a way of telling him please for my main Chambelan ..Help please /.\
    • Marie
      Well if he is a good friend of yours just go up and ask him....lol just kidding:) Just try to create a small conversation about your quince and in the middle somewhere throw in the idea that you had about choosing him as your chambelan! Hope everything turns out right!
    • Erica
      Looks like your in the same boat I am. My birthday is March 9 though. I didn't think about my Quinceanera till my mom brought it up a week ago I don't have anything picked out.
    • http://www.dianne.com Dianne
      just say hey im having my 15s and i need chambelanes and damas would u like to be the honor chambelan keep it simple and be yourself
  • Kaci
    Hi my name is Kaci .! i need help planning my quince my birthday is March 26. I wanna go traditional but i have no damas yet or boys! And i need tips i wanna ask this really Good friend of mine but i dont know a way of telling him please H E L P.!!
  • Anahi
    i need help choosing a theme for a peach dress... the webite below: http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/471326772/Jun_Mei_Q0045_Ball_gown_spaghetti.htmland i also ned help finding another color that would go with it!!!!! HELP!!!!
    • amelia
      just go with white next....white goes with everything gurl!!! :)
  • http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/471326772/Jun_Mei_Q0045_Ball_gown_spaghetti.html Anahi
    i need help to find a theme for a peach dress... and i need to find another color that would go with it also!!! HELPPP!!!!
  • Vonie Fernandez
    Help! I can't find a theme that woulb fit to this dress on the wegpage below:http://www.morilee.com/Quinceanera/quinceanera_vizcaya/88042It's going to be the mint color. The problem is that I can't find a theme that fits with the lace neck. Help!!!
    • Ingrid
      you can do like a candy theme :)
    • maria
      you should have like an underwater theme that would look great
    • maria sorto
      Your theme should be ombre
    • Yasmin
      My daughter wants that color as well and we were thinking on doing a butterfly or beach theme...
    • Marie
      You should do butterflies:)
  • Jackie Valdovinos
    Im 14 and there's 5 months till my quince The problem is my mom won't let me have a court because both my parents don't have time to teach them the dances People have been saying I should do it myself or get a choreographer What should I do? Help please!
    • maria
      well tell ur parents tht u want a court and if they still dont listen to u tell them tht u will do it urself.....
    • karina
      you should get a choreographer but make sure you get him/her at least three months before because you will probably need time to pracitce and let the choreographer make up the dance! good luck!! and remmeber to have fun and dont let anything bring you down on your day because you will regret it! trust me i know!
    • Vonie Fernandez
      I recomend to look for a coreographer if your too stressed.
    • Karina Centeno
      I think you should do it yourself im turning 14 and im going to do it myself u should look up stuff then try making ur own
    • Christina
      My neices choreographer quit on her we had to make up or own in three weeks. We did. We picked our favorites from YouTube.
    • Carolina
      you should have a choreographer
    • Elizabeth Rebozo Hanks
      I asked (2) girls (friends of her brother)from the dance team in her high school if they wanted to earn some xtra cash they ended up joining the court. Try that.
  • Priscilla
    I wanted to know how long before my 15 should I start planning? My birthday is on Jan 5th so if we start planning in April we will have 10 months. Is that enough time? I also need to know is it ok to not have my 15 on my birthday? The reason is because on my birthday it usually snows and is very cold so I was thinking about having it in the spring or summertime? NEED HELP! ASAP!!!!
    • claudia hernandez
      if your birthday is on Jan.5 you would have time. It is okay not to have it on ur b-day cause it would be fine if you have it during the spring or summer but the consequenses will be it would be warm or hot and people will start getting sweaty and then you would also. but it is also to do it in feburary cause then it will be alittle bit warmer
    • Elizabeth Rebozo Hanks
      I started a year in advance - reserve the church & venue right away.
  • Priscilla
    I wanted to know how long before my quince should I start planning? My birthday is on Jan 5th but if we start planning in April we will have 10 months. Is that enough time? I want to know is it ok if I don't have my quince on birthday? It's because it usually is very cold and snows on my birthday so I was thinking about having it in the summertime or springtime. Need help ASAP. Tnx :D
    • Mariela Yesenia
      well I think youll need a little more time because if you want everything perfect youll want to make sure that everything is good and youll need to find that dress and if you choose to have damas there dresses also. hoped this helped
  • Marlyn
    ok so i had never wanted a quince before and i mean EVER. but all my friends are having theirs so i want to have mine but the problem is that my birthday is this april. would it be bad if i dont have it on my birthday? and btw its going to be super small so it wont take a lot of planning or money.
    • gaby
      No. it is fine mine is 2 months after my actual 15th birthday but honestly if you aren't going to have a church or vals you can do it in 2 months just get a dress that is already at the shop to avoid the time waiting for it to come and get everything ready asap.
  • miriam
    ok so one of the girls at my school got the same theme as me .. but i already bought everything for that theme what should i do???? please help
    • paola
      just do it no matter the theme because you are going to have same theme but different things, i guess :1 just keep on with the preparations
      • Ariana
        that true and maybe nobady will notice if you just have family there
  • carolina
    my mom doesnt want to do my sweet 15 just because i have a boyfriend what should i do? breakup with him or do my sweet 15? I need help
    • Sarah
      dont break up with him. if your mom is worried only invite him. dontmake him your chamberlain.
    • gaby
      My mom felt the same way . somehow I convinced her . she got to know him and saw he was a great guy and decided on letting me have one him being my chambelan de honor .
    • Veronika
      Dont Break Up With Him. Honestly It Wont Do Any Help. Just Invite Him. My Mom And I Were Having The Same Situation And My Boyfriend Understood Very Well And Were Still Together. It Will Hopefully Work.
  • Carolina
    Im goign to be 14 this month and my mom is planing not to do my 15 just because I have a boyfriend :P So what should I do break up with him in order to have my 15 or forget about having them? Because since i was 10 I've always dreamed with it but i dont know what to do :'( i need help any suggestion sr tips or anything
    • Hilda Gabriela
      Parents usually have a good reason behind the decisions they make. If your mom has stated her case, you have to respect her decisions. Ask yourself whether or not 10 years from now you will regret not having a Quince simply because you chose to have a boyfriend instead.
      • carolina
        Thank you and yes i think I might regret it is something that only happens one in a life time
    • Nikki
      If u really love him... you wouldnt even ask yourself that question. And he loves you he would probbalby get his feelings hurt by reading that.
  • catherinee
    Im going to start planning my 15 but i dont now ehat theme to choose for the season of my birthday
    • Hilda Gabriela
      When is your Quince?
      • carolina
        Mine is october 26 my dress is ging to be a royal blue what theme would be good?
        • Yasmin
          Royal blue is a beautiful color you can do a candy land theme or flower theme, or even anastasia theme, Th eroyal princess. :)
    • carolina
    • Karen Carbajo
      Well mine is gonna be in October but the dress that I chose pacific blue because my skin is has a perfect completion with the dress but I don't know what the color of the dama's dresses will be yet.
  • paola
    hi im 13 and in 1 month im goign to be 14 I want to know if I should start planing in my 15 or not. My mom says she is not sure if she is going to do them because she says she's not sure. So should I start planning?
    • Jessica
      I would wait until your mom knows for sure. A 15 takes a lot of planning and money.
    • http://quinceneria.com lily
      hi paola im also 13 but unlike youi turn 14 next month me my parent nd my boyfriend are planning my quice already so yea you should.
    • claudia hernandez
      you should because having a 15 is a once in a lifetime chance but you have to have a budget so she wont have to spend that much. g-luck :)
  • gabriella
    hi,im 13 yrs old and i dont know how soon i should be planning my quince my mom dosent know anything about it and i want to try to start planning it but im not sure how to
    • Mikayla
      When you turn 14 would be perfect!
      • http://yahoo jennifer
        ya when you turn 14 you could start planing
        • Claudia Hernandez
          you can also start wen ur 13 cause planning a quince is hard so it would be easier to start planning now g-luck:)!!!!!!!!!!
  • terry
    i am turning 13 in march and my mom is planning to make me a quince but she is paying for everything her self. should i start planning everything or is it to early.
    • http://quinceanera.com/planing ariana
      Its never to late to start but you could also tell friends or family members to help by.puting the cake or something simple dont worry your dream will come true...
    • Mikayla
      To early for you. I am 13 but I'm turning 14 in March which isn't to far away and when I first turned 13 I wanted a quince I started looking at dresses online and everything. You still have a year before you will be 14. Just wait until then trust me.
    • Aundria
      yes you should because im 14 and my quinceanera is in 5 months and im in a hurry to do everything the earlier the better! (:
    • Jessica
      I think 2 years before your big day is perfect. Start looking at halls now as they usually only do Open Houses once a year and offer good specials that day. Depending on when you will have it, some months book very quickly. Also, if you will be having out of town guests, this way you can let them know to ‘Save The Date’ in advance.
  • shorty
    i have 3 daughters and my first daughter i didn't make her a quinceanera cus she left with her boyfriend so i didn't make her one. and itold my 2 other daughters if you ever have a boyfriend i wont make you a quince.
    • shorty
      my daughter is gone be 13 in march should i start planning her quince since i am gone pay for everything my self.
    • CristinaCee
      hi, im 14. i know your a mother and your first daughter left with her boyfriend but i mean were in the age when girls start dating. my quinceanera is in 2 months i have been with my boyfriend for 1 year and 4 months now. my parents have met him, talked to him and bonded with him. he's going to be my chambelan i think it would be nice for every girl to go thru something like this on her day.
  • Catherine
    I need themes and help on planning
  • Rachel
    Oh yeah and for the mass can I only have one person be my godparent or does there have to be two
  • Rachel
    Hi my quince is in september. I'm really having a hard time finding a choreographer and I'm not very creative so I can't make up my own dances. I was wondering if you know any great choreographers in the bay area in ca that are willing to travel to the valley or if you know any in the valley and that don't charge so much.
    • gaby
      You should ask your court maybe one of your damas or chambelanes have the secret talent to choreograph it for you . I am choreographing my own and my bestfriend's . ^-^
  • Kiara
    My quince is on Novemeber 30,2013 and everything is going really well but I'm having trouble picking out songs for the father daughter dance and the traditional dance. Any one have any suggestions? I know it really early but i want to have everything perfect so I'm starting to get EVERYTHING organized.
    • Jessica
      Are you wanting a Spanish or English song? I really like Tim McGraw’s “My Little Girl’.
    • Victoria
      My quince is the next day from yours im planning too and todally agree with you on planning ahead.Here are some selections i really love. Butterfly kisses-Bob carlisle Isent she lovley -stevie wonder Have I told you latley -Rod stewert
    • Claudia Hernandez
      you can also do beauty and the beast by celion dion and peabo bryson
    • Camia
      For mine I picked " Hero " by Mariah Carey.... but I think you should listen to a bunch and write down the one's you like best then pick from those. It's your personal preference.
  • Nicole Soria
    Hi, what is your best friend suppose to be? What is that roll called?
    • Hilda Gabriela
      She can be part of your court as your main dama.
  • Mikayla Rodriguez
    So my quince is in July which means i have less than 6 months. I already ordered my dress, the doll, the autograph book, the photo album, the pillows, the champagne glasses (the brindis), my crown, the cake server, the bouqet, and the candle&Bible. My main thing is finding a cheap hall and limo but i need help figuring out my speech. I understand spanish fluently and i also speak it pero its hard to write what i say. Since most of my family is from Mexico and understand spanish more than enlish, im going to be saying it in spanish. Any advice on how to write the speech??
    • paola
      I think you should write it in English and translate it but you should write how you are grateful of having wonderful parents, and how they make your dream come true. Also give thanks too everyone that helped you. I hope it helps
    • Quinn
      Write it as you would talk to them, saying thanks and keep it nice and simple
  • Blanca Armenta
    OK i am helpinmg out a friend do her 15 and i now know everything that i need but i just have one problem her mom cant read in english. so does anybody know how to make this in spanish so i can print it and give it to her please i will need this ASAP.
    • A Friend Here to Help
  • GordoLover!
    ok...so are u supposed 2 have 14 girls or 14 boys...or wat?!
    • Hilda Gabriela
      You can have as many as you want. But most Quince girls have 7 boys and 7 girls.
    • Blaise Miranda
      Or you can have 14 girls and 14 boys. Most people do 7 in each but I myself am doing 14 of each with one more boy for me.
    • ruizz155
      not really you can have as may girls and boys you want
    • http://quinceanera.com unkown
      no hunny 7 girls n and 7 boys
    • joselin
      you can have as many as you want i only had 5 of each plus my main guy
    • me
      you can have 14 girls or 14 boys or 7 girls and 7 boys it doesn't matter as long as there is a total of 14
  • Marlen
    Hey My 15s are in 6 months and i dont know what to do first. I already have my dress and i have the church reserved.! What do i do next?
    • http://www.serendipityproductions.net Serena
      You will need to find a reception Hall,pick out invitations, dresses and tuxes for your honor court.
  • Brenda
    So im turning 13 this year on May 17 and I reallyy cant wait for my quince. Should I start thinking on what I want or is it too ealry ? I want to start thinking of who will be my padrinos but im not sure if its too early . I want to be 14 already ! :(
    • Ariana
      well its to early to book everything but you csn start choosing what you want and talk to your parents where you want it and when and where youll get your quince dress. and if you have damas there dresses also but you should start booking everything about a month or two after you turn 14 so the date you want wont be taken.also if want a banda/dj etc. you can book them with time . that's what I did and it turned out GREAT
  • Clarissa
    Hello I am planning my daughters quince she will be turning 13 this march but do you have a sample letter format to ask padrinos for sponsors?
  • Beatriz
    Hii, My birthday is in 2 months!!! so im getting really low on time :S But im not shore what things i need to book and what to do. What you do during a quince? Whit so little time that i have whats the most important?? I don't really know that much about it because i live whit my mom but shes swedish and all the Latin american traditions and so come from my dads side(hes Cuban)but i really want a quince so i would appreciate any advice :)
    • Hilda Gabriela
      Hi Beatriz. Start by downloading our Quinceanera Planner from the homepage of Quinceanera.com. It's on the right hand side of the page.
      • Beatriz
        Hii, Thanks for the tip :)i have looked through the guide and it had some really help full tips but i wonder what you actually do during a quince?? Because im not that shore what you do :)like step by step :P
        • Beatriz
          Never mind ;) i found what i was looking for :)
      • http://www.facebook.com/biancahx33www.instagram.com/biyangkax0www.instagram.com/biyangkaxo biancah
        I suggest since you're birthday is in 2 months, to have a sweet 16. A quinceaneñera take about 1-2years to plan, If you do it in 2 months that isn't enough time. My birthday is in may 10th therefore my party was scheduled to be on the 25th of may this year, but thats 4months away so my parents moved my party date to november 2nd because it's more time to plan the perfect quinceañera and not just a huge mess. that things you will need is to rent a hall/ballroom, church ceremony, cake, catering, dress,tiara, bible, your guy escorts, photographer, filmaker, limosine (if wanted), the last doll, dj ect. It's very expensive although if you have padrinos it'll be less expensive. during a quince you greet ur guest, give thanks to your parents for everything, eat, do the vals dances with ur escorts (you might want to contract a dance teacher which would be about $1000) and last but not least dance your booty off! have fun, enjoy your night I mean YOU ONLY TURN 15 ONCE!! don't let nobody brung you down on ur special night :)
  • Itjustme
    So my 15 is in two more years not exactly may 4 2013 im going to turn 14 should i start planning already i need themes too please help thanks ^.^
    • http://www.facebook.com/biancahx33www.instagram.com/biyangkax0www.instagram.com/biyangkaxo biancah
      yes start planning your quince! because a year before theres also other girls turning 15 the year after and they start taking all available spots, so start planning ur quince NOW! it takes about 1year to plan a quince .
  • Sandra M. Briones
    Hello....I read through most of your posts and comments. I came across a post about downloading a QUINCE PLANNER? I don't see it. What is the website? What link do I click on? HELP?! LOL!Thank you!
    • Hilda Gabriela
      Hi Sandra. You can download it from the homepage of Quinceanera.com. It's on the right hand side.
  • Taija Edwards
    Hey guys I need help. I am not having a quince. But I am doing a Spanish project where I am a quince planner ~ Its super fun, but I don't know a thing about quinceaneras. This checklist helped me out a lot! (Thanks) but if you guys don't mind sharing with me what you all did as far as Colors, Catering, and do you guys happen to have any ideas on what church would be good?(: Thank you guys I appreciate the help. and I hope all of your actual quince's work beautifully <3(:
  • http://facebook.com sillyme
    Aey i dont know what to do! My quince is in 6 monts and my mom is slaking it.and i dnt got my main chambelan yet:/
    • Hilda Gabriela
      Sillyme, you need to step on it and choose a chambelan asap. He'll need time to get fitted for his tuxedo and time to learn the waltz. If a friend isn't available, consider asking one of your male cousins or a brother if you have one.
  • Chiisana
    My quinceanera is coming up in less than 13 months (: ! . I'm only 14 and I'm SUPER excited <3 .
    • Hilda Gabriela
      Hello Chiisana. Congratulations on having a Quince! Do you plan on incorporating any of the 2013 party planning trends that we featured on our homepage a few days ago? The popcorn bar seems fun!
  • Alexandra Lopez
    HEY girls, im about to be 14 in couple more days and im having a quince in one more year with my best friend and we are only having boys. Having a Quince is to much stress. and I think we need help....... ?????????
    • Hilda Gabriela
      Hi Alexandra! You should start by downloading our Quince planner, it's on the homepage of our site. It's a great planning tool for sticking to a timeline.
  • Kim Aguirre
    So i turned 14 on May 3, 2012. My mom wants to throw me a sweet 16, but i want a quince. I finally convinced her of letting me have one but i don't think there is enough time to plan it, if i have it on May 4, 2013. Any advice or suggestions?
    • Stefany
      If it possible try talking to your godparents and tell them if they still going to help you and if so try planning everything fast but slow down!!If you dont want to do it fast then just dont it or arrange another date (:Im having a 15 in october 19 2013 and im starting plan everything now so I wont be in a rush !! Sincerely, Stefany Mulgado
  • http://Yahoo Jessica
    Well im 14 and have 6 months left for my quinceanera but i havent planned anything what am i supposed to do first most important my dress my guest list or my court?
    • Stefany
      The most important is dress they take like 4-5 months to arrive (:
  • Selena
    Hi... well im 13 and everyone is telling me to have a quince but my dad says its a waste of money.... when i am 14 all my tias will expect an answer, and i want to say yes, but not get my dad mad. And i really really want to have one, and everyone says that if i dont have one then i will be the only girl who doesnt have a quince, because i am the next one to have one. What should i do?
    • Janitze
      I am also 13 and really want my quince as well. Well explain to your dad that the sponsors/ your tias will help you with most expenses if they are. Try to cut down on some things so both sides are satisfied. C:
    • Play-Tia
      I promise you, as a teen girl, you will find your Dad will continue to think a lot is a waste of money. Looking back +++ years, I'd have to say, "He's right"! BUT!!! you have to go for what is important to you and your Quinceanera is something that has cultural, religous and social traditions you will remember for a lifetime. Be thoughtful in your planning, not greedy and unreasonable (don't go all MTV Sweet 16). Make sure you plan a special dance with him and GOOD LUCK!
    • Juliana
      U should have one. A quince is something to remember for your whole life and it is something that introduces you to womanhood. Ur dad probably doesn't want to see his daughter grow up.
    • Faby
      i think you should go for it mine is in november and i am sooo excited i been wanting a quince since i was a little girl. you should tell your dad that a quinceanera is not a party its a tradition for all latinos. And that a quinceanera is a special day from when you turn into a young women. Good Luck!
    • Maria
      tell your dad that if he gives you one then you wont get a car till your 20 years old -OR- if that doesnt work then tell him that you wont go over $4000 dollas
    • Bernice
      You should do whatever your heart tells you. Not what people tell you to do. Its your choice and it will be fun plsnning I would know because im having one this year in nov.
    • maria
      hi umm well i have the same situation like you well what i have though about is to sit down with my parents and talk about it SERIOUSLY and make sure you have a final answer you might have to give up allowances or other stuff but it is worth it for your special day
    • Jessica
      Honey, Have Your 15 It's Just Once in a life time am having mines c:
    • Mariaangelica
      Hola . Mija you should have a quince, if your father will get mad explain to him that all the God parents will basically pay for everything. But make sure you show him you know what you are talking about. For example tell him what the padrions will do etc. But you should say yes! Everyone should have one, and in life money will be wasted
    • yesenia
      Hi well I say have one because other people are going to be telling you about theirs and then you are going to regret litsening to your dad do what makes you happy and I tell you all that money that's going to be used will be worth it hope I helped:)
    • Claudia Hernandez
      Just tell your dad its a mexican tradition and it symbolizes you becoming a woman and it will be a night you'll never forget.
    • onedirectionlover
      Okay ya thats tough but if your dad finds it to be a waste of MONEY? Maybe tell your aunts that if they really want it you to have it that they must help you financially.Hope it helps:)
    • Mari
      If its really you who wants one then I would say talk to your dad and tell him how important it is for you to have one... maybe do it with your mom or other family member for moral support. Good luck!
    • Ali
      You won't be the only girl without one. And remember, in the long run it will give you great memories....only if it won't hurt your family financially. If you REAALLLY want one, try to get as many details (padrinos, borrowed dress, etc.) that will make it cheaper for your father. That way he can see that you really care about helping him save $ and still get a nice XV. Good luck!!!
    • L. Hndz
      You don't have to but many regret it after cause they didn't have a big Bday bash and it only happens once.
    • elizabeth
      I think you should have your quinceanera regardless of what emotion your dad will be. Imean , come on. It's YOUR birthday , not his.
  • Jacky
    Hi Im Jacky And Ami Me Vale Madree Lmao Jk Im Bored Me Faltan 2 Years But i Got My List:)
    • Karina Del Real
      Aha(: Me too! I still have two more years! I'm just suuppeerr bored(:
    • Faby
      Mine is in november . lol YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!
      • Gualdina
        mine is november of 2013 too.
        • Kiara
          mines too! but at the end. my birthday is on december 1 so we are having my party on november 30. :) cant wait
  • Julissa Hyden
    I'm 13 ill be 14 on March 24th . I'm black & salvadorian ! I really wanaa have a quince but I can hardly speak Spanish . Help me please . I really wana have my quince but, my papi says I don't learn Spanish in the next 6months I can't have a quince . HELP ! What do I do ?
    • Jacky
      Dont You Have A Mexican Teacher Or helper At Your School Ask Her/him For Private Lessons in Spanishhh
    • mel
      Learn the words you will need for that night but you don't have to know spanish to have a quince tons of girls don't know spanish and still have one. Goodluck!
    • suze
      I can help u if yu want
    • onedirectionlover
      Well I do in fact know spanish and im mixed it just depends on your culture well I recommend that if u really want it learn the basics like thanks and thank you for coming to just interact with your quests:)
    • Eulogia
      I am 13 and I want to have one too but my family ii very poor so idk. I am mixed with black whit and mexican 50% mexican and I dont speak spanih either.
  • Karen
    HELP ME PLEZE my parnets are throwing me a quince in 1 year and their rushing towards it and they want me 2 choose a theme but i cant decide which 1.HELP ME Pleze i need some advice
    • Lesvi
      Choose, from your heart. Don't make your parents choose. You choose, what's best for you (:
    • Jacky
      Well What About Zebra Print
    • mel
      Some neat themes I have seeen are: mardi gras .. Diamonds are a girls best friend .. Flapper theme .. Tiffany diamond box theme .. Bright colors .. Good luck!
    • suze
      I have plenty of themes that no one has heard like a dead circus theme or vintage or gangsta lmao
    • onedirectionlover
      Well im doing candyland if that helps and I have also seen a beyonce theme
  • Brenda
    well i just wanted to wish all u girls out there good lucky plan because i know how u guys feel it is very stressful bye :)
  • elizabeth gonzalez
    what do i do when i cant find any more guys to be my chambilanes? please help cause i need to know what i can do to complete my court
    • mel
      Some girls don't always have a complete court so they have girls as singles and mixed with couples. It looks fine bc the flower girl and boy are normally as singles as well.
    • Dolowes
      Same thing is going on with me I can't find no more chambelanes but don't stress it.Some Quinceaneras have the traditional way 15 Chambelanes and 15 Damas some just wan't it with special friends. If you can't decide who should be your chambelanes please think twice and decide who you really want to be in your court and a person that will be worth it, such as friends or family. Hope I helped (:
    • Ali
      Another style I have seen is 7 couples and you are the 15th person.
  • Alejandra
    Hey guys! I need so much help and I would appreciate if you would comment below. I'm just starting to plan my Quince. I'm going to have it in July (2013) And I don't know what all I'm suppose to do with the dances. Like, how many dances do you have with your chambelanes? I already have my chambelanes picked out. When do we need to start rehearsing? How many dances do we do? I know there's a father/daughter dance. But what is a surprise dance? Please help, thanks (:
    • Tania
      from going to many quinceaneras their was mostly a surprise dance and the farther and daughter dance AND thats it from what i remember. hope i helped you in some way and good luck :D
    • mel
      Its your choice thr isn't a specific amount you should have .. Its your choice. Father daughter dance for sure (butterfly kisses is a good song for that) then you can do the $1 dance as well ... And your signature court dance is also your surprise dance if you'd like .. You can make it a mix. Techno cumbia is a good song .. Antonita .. Or a cool grease song .. Make the boys look cool and the girls totally smitten with the boys moves .. Always a crowd pleaser. Good luck!
    • Claudia Hernandez
      for the father/daughter dance do beauty and the beast by peabo bryson and celine dion,and the circle of life by elton john.Hope i helped, :-]
  • http://wonderus.little.things.weebly.com Julia
    my quince is like 2 years away and i still havent asked my parents if i can have one how should i ask them?
    • Lacey
      Whenever you want! My Aunt started me on "planning" for my Quince since i was 10! But if I were you I would start "looking" at dresses find one you like then tell your mom to come look. When she see's it you should tell her "Hey, I've been thinking about a Quince?"
    • mel
      Let them know soon. The sooner the better for saving funds and getting sponsors.
  • Maria Andrade
    Omg my quinces is comming up in two months. everytime i think on how close its getting it gets me even more nervous. especially because my dance rehearsals aren't going too well cause every week there's always one chambelan that's missing and we only practice once a week. and we haven't even gone to get their tuxedos yet. but i just really hope that they get it together and they learn the dances because i really want my it to come out good cause all my family and friends are going to be there.
    • http://quinceneraplaning patyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
      well if you think that you should ask them first to be sure if there coming because they still got a chance to know them and to remember like my sister quince.
  • Rosalinda Herara
    I am mixed with spanish and Black and my parnets aregue about if i should have my quinces or a sweet 16... i want my quinces!!! any one hav a suggestions?
    • amy
      go with 15 you get the privalage to start drving at 16 ,15 is a big step in the hispanic culture ! but also do what makes you HAPPY
    • mel
      Quince doesn't matter with your race its the meaning of having a quince that matters.
    • Ali
      You should ask for a 15 and say that for your sweet 16 you just want a necklace or ring.
  • Marissa Escamilla-Flores
    I have 6 more months to finish planning. I have a lot more to do . Hope i get it done
  • Lupita
    This will be very helpfull for my quinces ..... my quince is still 2 year away :) but it wont hurt planning ahead :P
    • Dolowes
      It won't but believe me when you get to that last year and last month from your quince believe me your special day will go fast (: It is very stressful when you get to the 6 months D: but don't stress it take it slow (:
  • Nayeli
    I have the full 12 months but planning is hatd
  • Laura ;)
    Hey guys My Quince is October 5,2013 I have a whole year to plan it bur I dont know what to do first and how to plan it . HELP PLEASE btw I already talked to my parntes and they said yes but we havent done any thing
    • melissa
      try using the guide that is up there in my opinion its better to 12months before the site 9 months finalize the guest list and court . and so on im 7 or 8 moths away from mine its kinda hard but you'll get through it..
    • Vanessa
      My quinceanera is also october 5 ,2013 i jave some stuff planned i cant wait , im so excites ! (:
      • Hilda Gabriela
        Congrats! We're excited for you. How is your planning going?
  • http://facebook vasilisa
    I only have 4 months for my quincenera and the only thing i have our my dama's and chambelanes, and some padrino's.
    • izzy
      omg so want a quincenera but my parents don't have much money :( i am 5 years away from my quinces but i am still worried. my cousin is already planning it!!
      • melissa
        try to start to save up and nine or a yr before try to get padrinos the list thats up there will help you on your quinces (:
      • amy
        wow 5 yars away iam 6moths away girl dont worry i would say start looking in to your quince 1 or 2 years ahead of time, do what the list says is a prefect example hope this helps :)
    • melissa
      its okay my friend planned her quince in 3 month wich is basically now you should start looking for dresses,djs, sites, and so forth try to find peple who will help you (:
  • Arianna
    Hey guys my quinceanera is in 6 months! A d I barely started trying to plan it. But now that I'm really looking into things I'm seeing how expensive things my turn out. I'm hoping that there's a way y'all could help me try to lower the expenses. Like what can I do to save some money so we wont have to cancel it. Please help me my quinceanera is my dream and I don't wanna loose it. Please help!!
    • Maria Andrade
      You can get padrinos for some stuff so your parents don't end up paying for everything. like for my quinces i have padrinos for the reception, the DJ, and the Band.
    • melissa
      what you can go is ask for padrinos and i know how you feel im about nine months away from mine ask people your close to,to help you.
  • lupita nervous wreck
    hey girls, my quince is in a little less month and a half, I'm so close to canceling it because even though we planned a year before, we didn't/haven't started doing anything besides get the church and dress. i know stupid huh?? and since my oldest sister and older brother are the ones that are planning it and now my sister says that she doesn't want to get involved, however, my mom and dad said that they weren't going to do anything from the start. ouch. oh well at least i'm still getting omehing
  • Stephanie
    I need a good SPANISH daddy/daughter dance song! Anyone know of one ? Btw my 15 is in 6 months >.<
    • Arianna
      Well I think tiempo de vals is a great song that would be perfect (:
    • iliana
      de nina a mujer, con Julio Iglesias, b t full song
    • Maria Andrade
      Tus 15 by Banda Arkangel
    • Alexandra Lopez
      Most good father & daughter songs our My little girl by Tim Mc Graw la ultima muneca
    • Mariaangelica
      Pick one that means something towards your dad and you . Like mine since me and my dad like Terria Cali a lot , i might pick one from them
  • Vanesa G.
    my quinceanera is in a year and this is surely going to help me ! ( :
    • andi
      hey my quince is next year to any tips on the theme for th suprise dance im to exited to think oh and all the girls out there wish ya all a great quince its like a dream to see my self in a big dress to oh and those tips on the surprise dance will really help
  • Jessica
    Hey gurlz my quinceañera is this month(: im so excited but i still need one more chambelan And i dont know who to ask the is three more weeks of practice!! Please help thank you<3
    • josselin
      hey um i want to answer you because i see you need help and you can try to get a friend or a cousin or a family friend that is close to you and try to practice with him everyday or if you cant find anyone you can let the girl be in certain dances well i hope this helped and have a great quinceanera :)and if you have any tips for me because my quince is next year and your welcome have fun :D
      • Vanessa
        You could trust the young lady to find an escort of her own...maybe a brother or close cousin of hers. Someone she can depend on and be comfortable with.
  • Carolyna
    Thanks! This is sure to help, I am going to start planning my quince soon so I needed the advice.
  • Cristela Fuentes
    Hi,Well my quinceanera is in 3 years. I have 2 grls for the damas and 2 boys for the camberlines i know that im starting to soon but,im so exited! I know that when it is time for my quinceanera im going to be scared but, what kind of theme should i get? I wanted to get a limosine because i saw alot of ppl getting them it looks awsome i love limos!
    • lauren
      dont get to exicited just yet lol wait till about a year before . right now im planning mine now for april 6th. you have plenty of time to find one. just go with your fave colors then go from there.
    • josselin
      Hello well i am excited as your but my quinces are next year so i am supper excited and its never to soon to be planning a quince and here is a website that have a lot of themes and hope you like it http://www.joyfuleventsstore.com/s-3-quinceanera-themes.aspx
    • andi
      hey cristela first i loe the teme of buterflies because you can like put a light inside the 3d butterflyso that way they can stand out in the nigt and sweetie you shouldnt make plans wit damas and chambelanes so soon cuz you guys can have problems later on in the future any way wish ya luck on that early planning
  • Francine Luna
    Heyy girlys ^_^ My 15 is next month so nervous, what should i do, and I'm gonna get measured into my dress this week, I feel like it won't end well, i need help
    • Cristela Fuentes
      Don't worry just think positive!
    • Smiley Delgado Hernandez
      hey ummm..where do you qet your measurements for your dress anyways?
  • Jessica
    Hey Thanks this did help me alot! I am 2 months away from my quince am only having 3 chambelanes NO GIRLS! But i need one more chambelan and i dont have any cousins, my mom its suggesting the son of her friend but i dont know him? Should i ask him or who else do i ask? HELP ME PLEASE!!! and i need a guy by this friday??
  • Smiley Delgado
    Hey qurls, Well my Quince is in 2 years yet i dont know which theme i should pick i really want to start planning now since it betters early than late well if you can help me choose a theme it would help a lot!!:D Thanks
    • Jari
      I Think You Theme Should be Of Who You Are Dont Pick A theme That Is Totally Different From You Pick Someinq That Describes You
      • LIZ“
        A under the sea thing; and have like a blue dress. . .and wear like a flower in your hair. . .and bright lipstick, and blue eyeshodow
    • Jocelyn
      I wouldn't recomend planning so early,lemme tell you I was like you. I could not wait for my quinces to come. I had a notebook organized with all of the ideas i wanted to incorporate into my party and everything.But a lot happens in two years, especially in the transaction between a tween to a teen. Now that my party is a year away, I look back at that notebook and fell like all those ideas that I had back then are dumb and childish. Besides, fashion trends also change, so who knows? Maybe by the time your time comes the trend will be something crazy like I dunno, horse-drawn carriges?
    • Alexis Mendoza
      I would say do masquerade or maradi gras or even butterfly's hope I helped :)
  • DIana Murillo
    I really want my quinces but i dont know if i should have my quinces i only have 7 months left all my friends are saying that i should have them because your only 15 once so i need help should i have my quinces or not???? PLEASE HELP!!!
    • priscilla
      i think you should ! not an expensive one but you should ! so you could look back at this great memory. also its when you become a women etc. i really want mine and mines next year but you should.
  • http://facebook Luisa Trejo
    Thanks for all the tips i had no idea how to start planning my quinces and mostly with all the pressure that my family is starting to put on me.
  • http://facebook Luisa Trejo
    Thanks for all the tips because i had no idea how to start planning my quinces.
  • Delia Fraire
    What do they call the young girl that excepts the doll from the quinceanera ( changing of the doll- last doll)
  • Gabriella Rodriguez
    I only have 10 days for my actual quince. I don't have much money and I really don't know what to do. I have a dress, higheels, and I am going to buy my tiara at the mall because i have no money it's 20.00 and i don't eve have a boy to dance with or how to dance. PLEASE REPLY ANYBODY WHO CAN HELP ME OR GIVE ME ANY TIPS BEFORE THE 6TH OF JULY. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH. :)
    • Gabriella Rodriguez
      MY bad i meant i dont know how to dance or have any boys to dance with HELP!!!!!!
    • Jocelyn
      It's probably a little late now, but Zumba really helps. You can learn how to loosen up and dance plus, it's a workout, so it helps you shed those last 10 pounds before your quince. For the chambelanes, do you have any cousins, brothers, any relatives that are kinda your age? they would prob. be glad to help!
  • Maria Romero
    Do anyone know any good song to play for the father and daughter dance?
    • hilleyri
      Cinderella by steven cutis chapman
      • Laura
        My Girl by The Temptations
    • Alexandra Lopez
      My Little girl by tim Mc Graw
    • Alexis Mendoza
      I'm not a girl,not yet a woman by Britney Spears.
  • Yesenia Nares
    What do i do if i only have 4 months and im berly starting to plan it! Help me please!
    • Gabriela Alvarado
      Hi Yesenia, Don't worry, you can still celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event. You just need to focus on these steps.If all you have left is four months... 1) talk to your parents to see how much you can spend 2) Make an announcement right away! 3) Get an idea for a theme 4) Decide where to have the party 5) Determine who your chambelan and court will be 6) Reserve the church and venue 7) Buy the invitations 8) Shop for your dress! 9) Rehearse with your court.You can do it Yesenia! Good luck.
  • http://Yahoo.com Jessica Valencia
    Thanks For The Tips My XV Is In 2 Years And I Just Needed Too Know What To Do And This Really Helped Thank You Very Much And Wish Me Luck (;