3D Nail Art

Celebrity manicurist Kandi Banks dishes on her client’s fave designs and how you can get them at home.

As lovely as French tips are and as extravagant as uñas sinaloas may have been, both manicure styles are sooo 2011. Luckily, we ran into Long Beach, CA native Kandi Banks just in time for your Quince mani and got the scoop on what nail color trends to rock for your big day. And we’re not talking flowers and single rhinestones, we’re talking full-on 3D nail art designs that have Nicki Minaj, Demi Lovato and Amber Rose calling up the 21-year-old to have her do their nails for their A-list events.

Most recently, Banks teamed up with Nokia and Duality Cosmetics to support the launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 in a fabulous pink. Check out what the celeb manicurist had to say about the latest trends and how she got to land such stellar clientele.

3D Nail Art


3D Nail Art

Demi Lovato rocks nails by Kandi Banks.

How did you become intrigued by nail art?
I was studying at FIDM and one year into it I decided it was not for me. Around that time I was doing my own nails and posting pictures on Twitter, and before you know it word of mouth spread and celebrities were calling me to do their nails.

What are some of the designs that you have done for them?
Amber Rose had a movie event one time and we did a junk food theme with popcorn, pizza and a chicken dinner on all her nails.

What is one of the craziest designs you have created?
One girl wanted me to do a bacon nail. We shaped the nail into bacon and painted it to look like a bacon strip. That girl was obsessed!

Do you have a signature style?
If you see an ice cream cone with whipped cream and a cherry on top, it’s more than likely mine. I’ve done it on a lot of celebrities and have it on my nails most of the time.

What supplies do you use for your 3D nail art?
I only use nail polish. Other artists use acrylics but I don’t really like them.

3D Nail Art

Nicki Minaj rockin' nails by Kandi Banks.

What 2012 trend do you see staying strong throughout the year?
A splash nail using three or more colors. I do it on Nicki Minaj very often.

How can girl recreate that style at home?
First, choose about four different colors. Start with the base color and paint the full nail. Then grab the second color and lightly dip it into the polish and stroke it over the nail in various directions. Then, repeat with the other colors.

What designs do you foresee as being hot next year?
Caviar nails and nails with full rhinestones. Caviar nails literally look like you have fish eggs glued to your nails and you can choose it to be designed in any color you want.

Is there a design or color that you are currently coveting?

Mint. My toes are colored in a mint hue and I totally love them. Unfortunately I don’t change my polish that often because I’m too busy doing other manis. But mint is definitely my go-to color.


3D Nail Art

Kandi Banks, celebrity manicurist

To hire Kandi Banks for your mani, she welcomes you to send her your request via Twitter @MmmKandiYamz. Prices vary on design and availability.



  • i love the new ice cream nails. there just to die for !