Sunday, July 5th 2015

Quinceanera dresses

5 Hidden Costs of Quinceanera Dresses

Because we all know that with everything that goes into creating the perfect look, comes a hefty price tag!

How To Choose your Damas Dresses for your Quince

Surely one of the best things about planning a quince is getting to pick out your gown, but getting to pick out the dresses for your girls to wear is just as fun!

Light Quinceanera Dress Fabrics for Warmer Weather

Wearing a heavy quince dress in the middle of the summer can be miserable for most girls!

Stop Staring! Runway at the Quinceanera.com Expo in Los Angeles

Stop Staring graced our Quinceanera.com Expo Runway with show-stopping dresses!

Moda 2000’s elaborate dresses on our Runway in LA 2015

Moda 2000 had the many #quincegirls that attended the Quinceanera.com Expo & Fashion show at the edge of their seats!

Gorgeous Quinceanera Dresses at the Orange County Quinceanera.com Expo!

Check out all the stunning dresses that graced our runway!

Stop Staring! The New Vintage Fashion Statement For Quinceañeras

New celebrity style designs perfect for your mom and damas!