Consider hiring chambelanes.

Typically, chambelanes for a quince celebration are chosen from her family members and close friends. But when a Quinceañera has most of her family in other countries and when she only has a handful of friends to choose from, having chambelanes might be a difficult task. Then, there’s also the possibility that the males in her life won’t want to fully participate in one of the most important parts of the reception: the surprise dance.

Enter chambelanes for hire. These teen dance crews such as The Sweet Sensation Cadets and Latin Boys of Fort Worth specialize in different types of dance including hip-hop, bachata, waltz, ranchera, you name it. And since they know everything about showing off their moves in front of large crowds, hiring their services takes away the stress of having to find chambelanes, teach them the choreography, and hoping they give a flawless performance.

There are various ways that you can work with hiring chambelanes. For one, you can ask them to show you different choreographies from where you can choose. If you have a specific song in mind for your surprise dance, have them adjust one of their routines to that song or create a new dance all together. Also, remember that you’re dealing with professionals, so if you’re feeling that your dance steps need some help, they can teach you the moves as well.

Similar to the cost of a professional choreographer, hiring them can cost you a few hundred dollars. This, of course, also depends from group to group and on how much time they invest into your choreography and performance.

If there aren’t any chambelan groups for hire in your city, a great alternative is using the talent from a local dance studio or modeling school. These academies often have great dancers and models that are looking for opportunities, such as your Quinceañera, where they can showcase their skills.

Would you consider hiring chambelanes for your Quince?