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Quinceañera father and daughter dance

November 1, 2011 | [ 16 ]

quinceañera father and daughter dance The Quinceañera father and daughter dance is one of the most emotional parts of a traditional Quince celebration since it symbolizes the birthday girl’s first dance with her father as a young woman. In the case where the father is not available, an older male that can or has served as a father-like figure usually shares this moment with the Quinceañera. Nonetheless, the Quinceañera father and daughter dance is one of the moments that Quinceañeras remember for many years to come.

During the waltz, the father takes the time to tell the Quinceañera words of encouragement as she takes her first steps into womanhood. And typically following the Quinceañera father and daughter dance, the Quinceañera’s chambelan approaches the father while on the dance floor and asks for permission to dance with the celebrated.

Prince Royce’s version of “Stand By Me”, Beyonce’s “Daddy” and Britney Spears’ “Not Yet A Woman I’m Not A girl” are a few of the songs that can be used to lead this special moment.

Take a look at a father and daughter dance contest that Quinceanera.com held at its Expo and Fashion Show San Diego on October 16. There, dads and Quinceañeras competed on stage and practiced their skills before an excited audience. Take a look at the video here and take notes for your very own quinceanera father and daughter dance as well!


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  1. rosemary says:
    what if her grandfather and grandmother raised her and parents are around but do you think that the grandfather should be the one doing the father and daughter dance and both grandparents should walk her in the church
  2. karina g. says:
    Its my step daughters quinceara and her dad was going to do the father daughter dance with her but now she wants to include her step father in their dance? Is that appropriate? Her dad is in her life and I thought that only he should dance with her but her mom feels different? What's best?
    • Grecia Hernandez says:
      Hi Karina, it is up to the girl to decide, we think. Maybe she feels as both her dad and step-dad are important male figures in her life, if she feels comfortable and wants to do it, sure, why not? There are no set rules for Quinceanera traditions really. They can all be adapted to fit each family's lifestyle, budget and theme. In the case of divorce parents and step-parents why not make everyone feel included for the girl's happiness, you know? Hope this helps!
  3. Johanna says:
    Would a mother/daughter dance be too weird if her father is not involved in her life? And would it be more appropriate for her to dance with older brother and then me, I'm mom, or vice versa?
    • Grecia Hernandez says:
      Hi Johanna,Not at all! The waltz is a tradition at any Quinceanera. We've seen Quince girls doing the waltz with their mom plus the males in the family and all the males guests too.
  4. Mimi says:
    I was wondering would All Of Me by John Legend be a good choice for this dance?
    • Grecia Hernandez says:
      All of Me is more about a mature loving relationship,could work great for a wedding but a Quinceanera, not so much .. try something a bit more innocent :)
  5. Rosa says:
    What Are Some Good Songs For The " Daughter & Father Dance " ? o;
  6. RinaSantiago says:
    I dont have a dad so who would i dance with?
    • Valentine says:
      Is this your vedio
    • Analiz Colon says:
      my father passed away almost 3 three years ago and my quince is in about 10 months, however i plan on dancing with my grandfather (my fathers father), however if you cant dance with a grandfather,see if you could dance with an uncle or an older male cousin instead. Whatever you do, make sure you include this dance! whoever you dance with should be an important male figure in your life, i wish you the best of luck!!:)
    • maria says:
      if you have an older brother then with him or a dad like figure to you
    • Marie says:
      You can dance with your older brother and if you don't have one then you can always dance with your favorite uncle of godfather ! Or just dance with your mom
    • sammy says:
      im like you . my dad is not in my life so im going to dance with my grandpa and my nino. those are two choices , or a guy in your life that you see as a father figure

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