Thursday, April 24th 2014

Transportation for Quince

Ride alternatives for your Quince

Understand the pros and cons between the different services offered.




Tips on renting a limo

If you’re looking to hire a limo for your Quince, research in advance for prices and service.




Convertible quinceanera transportation

The best way to arrive at your party.




Ideas to decorate your limousine

Pompons, paper flowers, transparent labels and more.




The Princess’ transport

Select the limo in advance to get a great offer.




Ride With Style in an Eco-Friendly Limousine

 Your Quince can be the perfect time to show your  environmental awareness by riding in one of the latest  hybrid limousines Environmental awareness has caused the limousine  transportation business to walk the nature trail.  Although these vehicles are known for their large and exaggerated looks that squander money away, each year there are more and […]

Chop Here, not There: Your Limo Rental

With this economy, your limo rental as well as every other detail of your quinceañera is on the chopping block. But luckily, when it comes to your quince ride there are ways to get from point A to point B having saved some cash and having stayed well within your budget. Quince-planners, read and learn: […]