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Cool Pop Songs for your Surprise Quinceañera Dance!

November 9, 2009 | [ 22 ]


Surprise Quinceañera Dance

Your BFF just had her court dancing to Shakira’s “She  Wolf”, your cousin danced to Michael Jackson’s  “Thriller” and now you’re left wondering what song to  choose for your surprise dance. Of course you want to  be unique and even if you could do those dances way  better than they did, you wouldn’t be caught dead  being a copycat! So here’s a list of cool POP tracks that  will get the party started and have future quinceañeras trying to live up to your surprise dance moment!

Black Eyed Peas: “I Gotta Feeling”

You can do like the Black Eyed Peas did on the Oprah show and teach your guests the moves to this popular song. Start off by having your court do some of the basic dance moves and then encourage your guests to join in and follow the dance moves themselves. Before you know it, you’ll have your dance floor full of peeps dancing to “I Gotta Feeling”.

Girls Aloud: “Can’t Speak French”Girls Aloud: “Can’t Speak French”
This Girls Aloud song is cool for an all-girl quince court. Get your girl friends in costume with wigs, fake lashes and all, choreograph the song and let the funky music do the talkin’. If you have guys in your court, you can incorporate them into your choreography by having them play the part of paparazzi.


Miley Cyrus: Miley Cyrus: “Party in the USA”
If you’re a Miley fan, “Party in the USA” is the perfect party song to get your pachanga on! You and your court can do as Miley and her crew did on the Teen Choice awards and just party and dance the song away. With this party tune, all of your guests will be noddin’ their heads like Yeah!–

Wanna know what other music selections will make your fiesta a one of a kind extravaganza? Keep logging on to Quinceañera.com for more Cool Rock, Indie, Merengue, Bachata and Hip Hop songs for your Surprise Quinceañera Dance!

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  1. I have collected a collection of wedding cakes pics and i am sure you will like it
  2. Dennise says:
    I'm having my 15 in mexico so i need a couple of surprise dances that can be learned in about a month. I also need to have a dance with guys because my court is all chambelanes suggestions pleast
  3. Marielis says:
    Im having a quince and im christian. My family(my mom and sister espcially) only want chrsitian music playing. Are there any fast upbeat songs that might be good?
  4. Adriana says:
    Hey, my friends quinceanera is coming up, we are going to start practicing. We have no idea what song to choose for a surprise dance. :p My friend wants something fun, and upbeat! Anyone got any suggestions? :) maybe something in a somewhat fast speed? We need help:) please write back:)
  5. Brittany Nicole says:
    i want to do some rap and hip dop fro my qunice to show thta veven tho m the youngest i can still have fun. should i ?
  6. Crystal Gomez says:
    hello, i want to know what are some good songs to dance for a baile sorpresa. i wanna dance reggeton. but i dont know some good music. i need help. >,<
  7. Dayz says:
    im having my quince but i dont know what i want .. i wanna know how many surpise dances you have to have?
    • Hilda Gabriela says:
      Hi Dayz! Short and sweet is always best so ideally you should consider having no more than 2 surprise dances. But if you have a handful of songs you're considering for your dance, you can also have a DJ create a 3 minutes mix with all of the songs combined. I hope this helps!
  8. priccy says:
    i dont know how to do my surprise dance ! help please!!:/
    • Hilda Gabriela says:
      Hello Priccy! We covered this topic a few days ago in one of our Quinceanera.com e-newsletters. Below is the link to the article and better yet, I highly suggest you subscribe to the e-newsletter. Its free! and by subscribing you will receive information every Tuesday afternoon on the latest trends for Quinceañeras. Topics such as where to buy the perfect Quinceañera dress, hairstyle and invitation styles as well as 411 on how to choreograph your own surprise dance are included. You can sign up on the homepage of Quinceanera.com. I hope it helps and Happy Quince planning!http://quinceanera.com/planning/how-to-choreograph-your-own-quinceanera-surprise-dance/
  9. Anita says:
    what songs can I use to do a mixture for the surprise dance but it's only gonna be girls in the surprise dance
  10. Mia says:
    I was wondering whats a good way to make up my own surprise dance? my mom cant afford a choreographer and she said i have to make my own dance up and i dont know where to start :\
  11. Shelsy says:
    I'm trying to have a Bachata remix ??

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