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5 Latina Owned Fashion Brands You Should Know About!

Yoana Estrada

Are you a chica that’s in love with her cultura?

These 5 Latina-owned fashion brands have everything from jackets to handbags that will keep you stylish and woke! These brands are not only about the clothes but they all have deeper meanings behind the label. The cool thing about them is being able to find a whole community of like-minded Latinas. Keep reading to find out more about these AMAZING brands and the boss latinas behind them.

1. Hija De Tu Madre

Hija De Tu Madre was founded and designed by Patty Delgado. This Latinx shop is for the girl that takes her culture everywhere. It’s hard enough having to navigate through life speaking Spanish at home and English at school. Patty loves to create fashionable pieces that celebrate both are Mexican and American culture.

2. JZD

JZD was founded in 2016 by Jen and Vero in hopes to build community and celebrate their culture every day. JZD was not an overnight success. The founders talk about days when they had no furniture and were surviving on instant noodles. However, they persisted and found success with the Pink Latina Power Tee.

3. Wasi Clothing

Wasi Clothing is a Latinx Bolivian empowerment brand that provides sustainable and ethical fashion. Vanessa Acosta founded Wasi back in May of 2018. Acosta states, “WASI is a Quechuan word that means “Home”, it is one of the last words her late grandfather translated for her before he left this world. Wasi is a place where you can feel good about where you shop and know that it’s going back into the community.”


4. El Cholo’s Kid

El Cholo’s Kid creates beautiful traditional weaved bags made from recycled plastic. Founder and CEO Daisy believes in keeping the perfected tradition alive using recycled plastics. Express and proudly show off their bags that also come in minis and clutches.

5. Threadz Therapy

Threadz Therapy is an embroidered apparel brand that creates handmade feel-good apparel for everyone! Their custom shirts, crewnecks, and hoodies come in many designs but their most popular designs include Bad Bunny and SZA.

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