Eight Affordable Must-Have Jewelry Pieces


Trends can be often fleeting and a few long-lasting; nonetheless, we will always have our classics to rely on.

The following are a few affordable must-have jewelry pieces that every girl should own in their closet. These accessories are must-have’s primarily for being timeless and sophisticated.

1. Chunky hoop earrings:

Not only do they go with everything, but they work for almost any occasion too (dress-up, casual, and cocktail attire.)

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2. “Pearl” Studs:

Nothing says more “classy” than your ultimate pearl studs, and no, they don’t have to be real. They have the power to completely elevate and make your look more elegant these little spheres.

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3. Dainty Charm Bracelet 

There’s no question why such bracelets as the Butterfly Charm bracelet have been so successful; they’ve become iconic pieces within an already classic style that doesn’t go out of style!

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4. Charm Necklace:

Sometimes we wear these for so long, without ever taking them off, that they soon become of great personal significance, if they weren’t given to us by a loved one already.

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5. “Diamond” Studs:

Similar effect than your classic pearl studs, these add some sparkle on top of it all! Try Cubic Zirconia as a great affordable alternative.

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 6. Stackable rings:

It’s always chic to wear rings, create an even greater effect by stacking them all together in different fingers of both hands.

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7. The Classic Slim Watch:

Whether you choose your smartwatch or the classic, it’s always a nice accessory to wear. It adds dimension to the different bangles you may be wearing, plus it tells time ;).

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8. Classic Tortoise Sunglasses:

There are hundreds and thousands of different styles, colors, and silhouettes in sunglasses, but a classic pair is a must for in between.

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