A Quinceañera’s Tiara

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The well-known crown, tiara, or headdress that serves as an accessory to queens and princesses is a Greek ornament found in  famous ancient sculptures and used as a symbol of victory. Since ancient times, authoritative individuals have worn head ornaments to demonstrate their power from a distance. For example, the pope’s headdress, a bishop’s miter, and a king’s crown all serve the same purpose. If you believe that you will be a princess for one day, then this will be an indispensable accessory for your night party. Plus, a tiara will embellish your hairstyle and XV apparel, which is why it is important to be careful when selecting one.

Other Options
A crown or tiara, as well as other accessories, has a special meaning, especially during the religious ceremony, where you will be given an honorary place close to the altar.  However, you can substitute a tiara or crown for a headdress. If you have a rose bouquet, then you can place a rose in your hair. Decorate it with lace, crystals, etc. If you use an ornamental comb, decorate it with small crystals to give your hair an innovative touch. A headdress must always match your dress; it can be something classic or a much more modern accessory. There are numerous headdress designs, including the popular swarovskis. If you wish to use an unusual hairstyle, then take the risk with something that has feathers and glitter and, if it matches your dress, wear one of the dark blue tones that are this year’s latest fashion.

Choosing a Tiara
Choosing every accessory depends on something special. In this case, choosing a tiara depends on several factors. A tiara’s material and design must combine with the dress’s tone. They will vary from simple and conventional to well-decorated and modern. Your hairstyle plays a fundamental part when choosing a tiara. Your hairstyle options are numerous: down, up, in curls, a French braid, a bow, etc. Take your crown to your hair stylist so you can try different styles. Remember that elegance lies in simplicity. Thus, your makeup and hairstyle must be in good taste. An exaggerated hairdo won’t let you wear your tiara. You must also keep in mind that the tiara’s size must be in accordance with your height. The idea is for you to wear a crown, not a crown to wear you.

Another important detail, though it is not related to appearance but to your comfort during that day, is to try on your tiara before you buy it and decide how flexible you are when wearing it.  Choose one that does not require excessive pins or is uncomfortable in any way. Remember that you are the most important element of the XV apparel; none of your accessories should be excessive and must not hide the natural beauty that all young quinceañeras possess.

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