Accessories with feathers: the alternative to the Quinceanera tiaras

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There is a rule that only birds can dress of feathers. But the creativity with which the fashion industry is proud, has made the use of accessories with feathers replace the tiaras, improving your image with a modern twist.


With a variety of textures, designs and patterns, accessories with feathers, such as tiaras, can give a hint like “Sex and the City” to any casual or glamorous hairstyle for a teenager.


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Loose Hair

There are several ways to show off an accessory with feathers and your hair down. For example, the feathers of the crown can be placed on either side of the head, or a more impressive look you can put the feathers in the middle of your head, as shown in this picture. The feather on the side gives a more discreet look, but without losing the essence of the image you want to project.

chignon (1)

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Fabulous and modern hairstyles collected

Instead of wearing a tiara with hair up in a traditional style, you have the option of adding this modern element. If using a pin or pins, hair accessory can be turned with feathers at the base, alongside or on top of any up style.

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Improving the classic ponytail hairstyle

If a hair up or wear their hair loose is not what you want to look on your teenager, you have the option of wearing the classic ponytail or a bun. You can add an accessory with feathers at the base of your peinadoa to give a touch extravagant.

No matter what hairstyle you choose to wear on your special day, the feathered headband will make you different from other quinceañeras. With the variety of styles and colors of feathers, be sure you find the look that will complement your style alternative.




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