Accessories for the Quinceanera

Quince Madrina

Accessories are very important; they are fabulous and help you set your personal style. Between jewelry and other decorations the Quinceañera has many accessories to choose from, for example: crown, rings, earrings, necklaces, watch, etc. Take the jewelry that you are going to wear the day of the reception to the last fitting to see how it looks along with the dress.

There is an artistic way to wear such accessories and combine them. Do not over-accessorize because you can damage your image.

Do not mix pearls with diamonds or silver jewelry with gold jewelry, etc. If you notice that the jewelry does not match with your dress, change it or get rid of one of them.

Sometimes elegance is simplicity and delicacy, but it does not mean that you cannot wear any. Women are flirty and show their personal care on her physical arrangement. If you are allergic to the metals use some protector-medical cream and get non-allergic patches. A homemade method to protect you from the inconveniences that causes the allergies is to cover all your jewelry with clear enamel beginning with the first time and before you wear them. Another way is to wear fine jewelry, like gold.

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