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A Bohemian Quinceanera Theme

Elizabeth de la Torre

A bohemian quinceanera theme would be a great theme to experiment with for your quince. Similar to a vintage themed quinceanera, a bohemian style quinceañera theme would be simple, reasonably cheap to have, and would allow for a lot of personalization and creativity.

Flaunters of a bohemian style quinceanera theme would reveal an eclectic and creative sense of style, as well as a unique taste in art and décor. Textures, patterns, and nice fabrics carefully adorn bohemian lifestyles.

The word bohemian, which evokes the romance of a wanderer’s life, describes a person who lives and acts by a different set of conventional rules and practices than the average person.

A bohemian quinceanera theme would allow style, sophistication, and humility to be showcased at your quince party as long as you follow a few essential tips.

A Bohemian Dress.

  • The Bohemian style is about comfort and simplicity. Generally, bohemian style clothing should not be tight and the fabrics should be very comfortable. Clothes should be tailored to your lifestyle. So do not wear anything that hinders movement, is impractical, or is uncomfortable.
  • Bohemian clothing is greatly dependent on the fabric of which it is made. Natural materials such as cotton, gauze, wool, and leather are staple fabrics for a bohemian look.
  • Bohemian dresses include embellishments. Look for embroidered pieces, especially peasant resembling clothing, fringes, beads, or dresses made of lace.
  • Study how your clothing moves with you. The movement of a bohemian outfit, especially a bohemian dress, should move with grace and a sense of freedom. All these details are vital for a bohemian quinceanera theme. When choosing a dress consider bright colors, one-tone dresses, and neutral earth-tone colors.
  • It is the cut and fabric that, above all, create a Bohemian feel. Don’t pick a dress that is not perfectly necessary to the look you are trying to project. Often the most successful bohemian styles are, in their way, the most simple.


  • With bohemian accessories, focus on the details. Everything from long and layered necklaces, to fake tattoos, cute vintage belts, and moccasins, it’s all about the small things. Bohemian accessories stem from a lil bit of country and a lil bit of rock n’ roll!



  • Don’t go overboard on the makeup. Wear neutral colors or pastel colors and nothing bright on your lips. Wear light foundation and powder and no heavy makeup on the eyes. Here are some cute lipstick colors for a boho makeup look.

For Quinceanera Bohemian Décor.

  • Keep the décor to a minimum. Like your dress, your décor should not be overdone and should resemble a DIY effect. As part of your quince planning, schedule in time to venture through vintage stores or check out our article on chic rustic and greenery quinceanera decor ideas.
  • Be creative. One of the best advices is to have simple, unique, and sparing quinceañera decorations.
  • Don’t book an extravagant venue for your quince. Bohemians don’t want too much money spent on unnecessary luxuries. So, have your quince at a park or forest looking area. Set-up wooden bench tables and vintage style lamps that use candles. Have your quince landscape resemble a magical woodland! Mobile App

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