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Alicia Garcia de Angela

It’s true that Cinderella had a fabulous dress, but she could not have had a happy ending without her glass slippers, diadem, carriage.

The same goes for a Quinceañera, where the accessories are as important as the dress they are supposed to complement.

There is no doubt that the most popular accessory in a Quinceañera’s attire is the tiara. They were worn by queens and princesses in the 18th century to enhance the beauty of their lavish dresses and to be recognized by their subjects.


Nowadays, tiaras are still used as an element that adds elegance and distinction, but be careful not to pick one that is too big or over-elaborated, since it can take attention away from your dress. Lucy Luna is the owner of Luna’s Bridal, an accessory and tailor shop for Quinceañeras located in the center of Los Angeles. According to Lucy, “the most popular tiaras are those decorated with stars or butterflies; clients also ask for tiaras with Swarovski crystals or rhinestones, which are a little less expensive.” Prices for a tiara can vary from $110 for simple ones to $300 for more elaborated ones. “It all depends on your budget,” says Lucy.

The change of shoes

The switch from flat to high-heeled shoes is one of the most anticipated moments in a quinceañera, since it symbolizes a girl’s passage from childhood to young adulthood. Aside from the classic ballerina flats, the most popular flat shoes are the tennis flats. This was the style chosen by Veronica Gracian for her Quinceañera, which took place earlier this year on July.


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“I chose flat tennis shoes because they are comfortable and I’m not used to walking in high heels. In the end, I wore them the entire day, even when I danced with my dad,” she confesses. There are also tennis flats decorated with hearts, crowns, butterflies and even the number 15. These designs can be bought for $150 in specialized shops such as Luna’s Bridal, although you can always buy simpler tennis flats for $50. It’s a matter of preference and budget.

Custom Style Accessories for Quinceaneras

Other accessories such as cushions, glasses, cake knives and servers are usually engraved with the Quinceañera’s name and the date of the event.

“The cushions are made with the same fabric used for the dress,” says Lilia Cerpas, from Genesis Bridal in Santa Ana. “Before, heart-shaped cushions were the most requested, but now they’ve been replaced by rectangle and square-shaped ones. We sell simple cushions for $59 and more elaborate ones go for $75.” Drinking glasses can be bought in sets of two, one for the quinceañera and another for the chambelan, or in sets of 16 for guests. Another fashionable Quinceanera accessory is a bejeweled bouquet like the one designed by the Quinceanera dress designer, Anna Kiryakos.


Designer- Anna Kiryakos; Photo Courtesy of Hugo Benson Photography, Click here to view more Quinceanera bouquets by Anna Kiryakos

Quinceanera Last Doll

Lastly, there is the Quince doll, whose dress is usually a replica of the Quinceañera’s dress and can cost from $125 to $250 depending on the fabric and style. For those girls who have their hearts set on wearing many accessories, it’s best to ask for special packages, which can range from $550 to $1,400 depending on the quantity and quality of the accessories. Although we recommend placing your order at least four months in advance, these shops are prepared for any contingency. “We have put together dresses with all the accessories in only five days,” explains Lucy. “It’s not ideal, but for a Quinceañera we do whatever it takes.”

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