Barbie™ Rocks Jewelry by Layna and Alan Friedman

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The Barbie™ Rocks by Layna and Alan Friedman jewelry collection inspired by the designer’s love for the classic Barbie™ Doll, which surfaced in 1959.

Barbie™ Rocks  features the exclusive Diamond Doll, which features over 2,000 black and white diamonds designed in the likeness of the Original Barbie™ from 1959.

According to Friedman, the line reflects a modern day interpretation of the Barbie™ doll’s fun spirit and glamorous fashion sense, and steps up to the responsibility of world issues by donating five percent of the proceeds from each sale of the Barbie™ Rocks collection to CAAF (Children Affected by Aids Foundation).

Each of the pieces, which range from a prince point of $74.00 and up to the thousands, features the profile silhouette of a modern Barbie with a perky ponytail.

Selena Gomez, the Kardashians are a few of the handful of celebrities that have fallen for the Barbie craze, having sported the classic sterling silver silhouette necklace, which runs for $135.00.

Barbie™ Rocks by Layna and Alan Friedman has five styles of charmed bracelets and two rose gold rings shaped into a butterfly. One of the ring designs has pink sapphires, and although at $1,125.00 and somewhat pricey for the average teen allowance, this lovely piece of jewelry is something worth saving your pennies and dollars for.

Consider these jewelry options for your Quinceañera accessories, or perhaps to give to a friend as a gift for a Quinceanera.


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