What jewelry to wear for your Quinceañera

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Deciding what jewelry to wear with your one-of-a-kind quinceañera dress can have you feeling overwhelmed. And that feeling can become even more of a burden if you have no idea what type of jewelry you should be looking for. Here to help are some pros and cons to costume, heirloom and brand new jewelry that can ease you into making the right choice, or choices, for your quince day.

Costume jewelry
Costume jewelry can be fun to dress up with since it comes in very creative shapes and designs and costs considerably less than original pieces. You can find endless designs of them by shopping at the mall, boutique stores and online. You can also find the most intricate and original designs when shopping at a flea market where vendors from different walks of life try to get rid of some of the things that are no longer of use to them. Since costume jewelry is for the most part reasonably priced, you won’t have to put too much stress on not ruining the piece while you’re dancing or moving about. A con to costume jewelry is that you might run the risk of having your guests own or even worse wear the same piece that you’re wearing, especially if you purchased it at the local mall. As nice as the original price tag may have been, the thought of being in the same light as one of your guests may have your smile turned upside down, so your best bet to avoid that from happening is by shopping online or at a specialty costume jewelry store for the perfect and uniquely yours piece of costume jewelry.

Heirloom jewelry
Since some members of your family may have worn that same piece of jewelry to some of their special occasions as well, there is truly something special about wearing a piece of heirloom jewelry on the day of your quince. Heirloom jewelry can be as simple as a brooch to as memorable as your moms wedding jewelry to as significant as your great grandmother’s ring. But the history invested into that piece of jewelry can be enough to have you either excited or equally nervous to wear it. If you want to take part of that family tradition but are in fear of damaging the piece, you can choose to wear it only for your quince pictures or for the religious ceremony. By minimizing the time you wear the piece, you also minimize the chances of something happening to it. Once you’re done wearing it, you can easily change into another jewelry of your choice.

New Bling

If wearing costume or heirloom jewelry isn’t what you had in mind for your quince accessories, you can always choose to start a tradition of your own. Shop around to find a set of accessories that you would want to use for your quince and once your party is over, store them away to pass on to the next quinceañera in your family. The great thing about wearing new bling for your quince is that you’re the first to wear it, ever! But since the bling is brand new, you may have to pay a higher ticket price than you would for a piece of costume jewelry.


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