DIY Quinceanera Bouquet

Gabriela Alvarado

A Quinceanera bouquet is not only the perfect accessory for your outfit but also one of the most important elements of both the ceremony and the party.

If you want to stay within your budget or even save a bit more, you can take advantage of the season and pick your favorite flowers from grandma’s garden  and take on a DIY project.

quince bouquet

Follow these four easy steps for a DYI Quinceanera bouquet:

1. Choose flowers in season

Flowers with strong stems, such as roses, tulips, daffodils or lilies work best. Add some green foliage and tiny baby’s breath flowers. Soak the stems in a vase to keep the flowers fresh. Cut out thorns or withered petals.

2. Arrange the flowers.

The most common way to arrange the flowers is to place the shorter ones in the middle and the larger ones around these. Begin by selecting three to four flowers and add the rest giving the bouquet a seemingly round shape. Try to do it facing a mirror, this way it’ll be easier to keep an eye at every possible angle of your bouquet. Wrap them with wire and cut the tails of the stems for all the flowers to be even.

3. Secure the stems.

Buy adhesive tape preferably decorated and secure the stems from top to bottom. Wrap it around the wire in order to cover it.

4. Add a ribbon.

Start with the top part of the bouquet and continue wrapping the stems with the ribbon. Hold the tape while wrapping the ribbon around the flowers until you reach the stems. Cut the ribbon leaving up to 6 inches free to pass it in between the loose flowers and tighten them together. Use extra ribbon to add a bow at the top part of the stems, just a bit below the flowers.


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