Great Gatsby Inspired Accessories Under $100

Jocelyn Pasillas

Ready to party Roaring 20’s style? Before you go, you must complete your look with fashionable accessories that will enhance your look!

Throw it back to the 1920’s era and complete your classy attire with vintage pearls, jewels and faux fur.

Hair pieces

Low up-dos or smooth waves are the hairstyles that will transform your appearance to match the 1920’s era. You’re ready to party with a glitzy headpiece or feather headband elegantly placed to complete your hairstyle. Add an adorned hair clip for a more simplistic look.


Enhance your neckline by adding a fancy pearled necklace that wraps around in different layers. If you don’t want to over-do it, a faux pearl necklace will do the trick!


There’s two ways to go about wearing earrings. You may always go for the single pearled earring stud or, wear fancy drop earrings to make a bold statement. Simple is always better but boldness is always unique. Which one will you be?


The only way to accessorize your bouquet is by matching your fit, be sure to include vintage vibes by incorporating jewels and pearls. To avoid a heavy bouquet, opt for artificial flowers rather than natural flowers.

Gloves and Faux Fur

Complete your look with daring satin gloves and a faux fur shawl! The fashion industry is really making a huge comeback with faux fur shawls and wraps you can easily throw on for a sophisticated complexion.

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