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Adairis Moreno

One of the most iconic elements for Quinceañera celebrations are hand fans, this classic item will elegantly transform your entire outfit and compliment your Quinceañera accessories. Here, we bring you the story behind hand fans and few interesting facts about them. 


During the XVII century, noble families in England used to celebrate young ladies who were thought to be at ‘mar-riageable age” with large and fancy parties. There, the celebrated girls communicated with the suitors through their hand fans. If you wish to add this fashionable piece to your Quince outfit, practice with your friends and make up a basic signals so can talk to one another with your hand fans at your Quinceañera, your guests will love it.

The hand fan language is easy to learn, if you kindly hit a near object with it you’re expressing your impatience, if you’re ventilating in a quickly manner it means you are excited and if you close it just in front on your lips this means sending a kiss to a special someone. These are onlye a few of the many other forms of expression through this silent language.

Besides being fun, these hand fans can be used as a personalized party favor for your friends. A good idea is to include them in your surprised party or perhaps during the ceremony, it can be handed to you as a symbol of maturity.

Another great thing about hand fans is the range of colors you can choose from as well as the patterns and fabrics they’re made of such as paper, silk, feathers, lace or ribbon, only to mention a few. This is definitely a fad that can adjust not only to your personality but to your budget.

Don’t forget that classic is never boring and elegance is always in trend, so dare to add this unique piece to your cele-bration and have fun with your guests.


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