Quince Quiz: Which Quinceanera Crown Fits You Best?

Jocelyn Pasillas

Whether it’s a huge Miss Universe sized crown or an elegant small headpiece, the crown you pick can say a lot about you. Believe it or not, there’s more to it, ladies!

Crowns symbolize total royalty, a perfectly suitable adjective, especially on your big day!

For this, once in a lifetime type of moment, you must make sure it’s clear to everyone who’s the princess of the party.

It’s not just all about the traditions, the crown you carefully select for your big day goes further than that. A quince crown has a lot to do with your theme, hairstyle, and yourself…

And since there’s a lot to consider when choosing a Quinceanera crown, we’ve created this useful quiz to better assist you.

Take the questionnaire and see what crown fits you best!

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ideal quinceanera

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