Quinceanera Accessories Inspired By The UK Flag

Gabriela Alvarado

British fashion has always been a great influence in the United States! 

With the flag’s colors being the most popular, take advantage of some of the Union Jack flag’s elements and incorporate them as part of your Quinceanera accessories.

From your shoes, jewelry and hair accents, this trend is perfect to celebrate a unique Quince party with overseas flare.

1)      Heels

Heels with this print may be a strange element for a Quinceanera, however this factor is what makes them unique and striking. You can play with the design and wear the most creative pair according to your dress.

2)      Jewelry

Accessories always show your elegance and are therefore a must-have to complement your Quinceanera look. Choose those in bold and British flag colors.

3)      Hair Quinceanera accessories

If you are wearing an extravagant Quinceanera dress then use a modest flower for your hair so it does not take the attention away from it. On the other hand if your dress is demure, choose a striking flower accessory to balance your ensemble.

4)      Makeup and Hair Ideas

If you are a classic and chic Quince girl, you defintely need to go with the classic winged eyeliner and bold red lips combo! Pro-tip: match your red lip to the red of the Union Jack on your dress or shoes!

5)      Dresses

If you are fan of bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Adele or One Direction, this could very well be your Quinceanera theme!

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Gabriela Alvarado

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