Quinceañera Accessories via Madeleine St. Clair’s 2012 Handbags

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Beautiful and sophisticated

A great look is not only defined by the most extravagant outfit. It is the accessories that truly make the ensemble stand out. But if you are missing this important detail that can take your Quinceañera look from blah to fabulous, let us introduce you to the girly handbags of Madeleine St Clair’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Designer Madeleine St. Clair has always had a love of all things accessories, but her must-have item has always been handbags. Her items include metallic details including Swarovski crystals, feathers and vintage lace.

Swarovski crystals, feathers and vintage lace.

Inspired by her mother, an influential Austrialian fashion designer and style icon, Madeleine spent her childhood in a fashion whirlwind. Her inherent understanding of style is apparent in her collection. However, with her passion for bags and a vision to create classic pieces that are as glamorous as the women that wear them, she has developed a collection that is of-the-moment while standing the test of time. It is her philosophy that handbags should last a lifetime being passed down from generation to generation – “You should wear them for a while, give them a rest and then bring them back out when the time is right. A handbag should be timeless and never date, just age gracefully.”

Handbags for glamorous Quinceaneras.

Handbags are fashion accessories that can accentuate your Quinceañera casual image when worn and even more when match with clothes, and other accessories. They bring the fabulousness of your outfit. From elegant clutches to staple totes, the Madeleine St.Clair collection has something for everyone. The collection is available online at www.MadeleineStClair.com and prices range from $350-$600.

Gabriela Alvarado

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