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Quinceanera Tiaras Inspired by Pop Culture


From film heroines to animated Disney princesses, you can find lots of inspiration from pop culture when it comes to finding that stunning tiara piece that will be the crowning touch for your Quince outfit. These Quinceanera tiaras will help your unique personality stand out!

1. Wonder Woman Tiara

girl in a Wonder Woman tiara and outfit looking to the side

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Click Here to Purchase

If your favorite Marvel character is Diana from Wonder Woman, you can channel her fierce Amazonian style with this golden tiara. Pair it with a short dress or jumpsuit outfit for your surprise dance for some warrior-woman edge.

2. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

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About a year ago, Meghan Markle sparkled in a simple boat neck dress and wore some of the family jewels passed down through the generations of Prince Harry’s family for her wedding. You can wear a replica tiara just like Meghan’s when you are dancing your waltz with your chambelan de honor.

3. Elsa from Frozen

Elsa's tiara from Frozen

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Click here to purchase

Elsa is known mostly for her long platinum blonde braid from “Frozen”, but don’t forget she is also a queen! Channel Elsa’s regal tiara when she sings the award-winning song, “Let It Go,” by wearing this 24k gold plated tiara hair pin. Add some sparkle to your hairdo in the form of hair glitter and tell your guests you have little icicles in it—so Elsa!

4. Jasmine Tiara

Princess Jasmine-inspired tiara with green jewels

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The live-action Aladdin film is premiering on May 24 and if your Quince party is modeled after the city of Agrabah where Aladdin and Jasmine reside, then you might want to purchase this Jasmine-inspired tiara by Rita Lane Vintage. The tiara can be paired with an emerald green or gold Quince dress. For something more daring, try a two-piece emerald outfit like Princess Jasmine wears in the classic animated film.

5. Mickey Mouse Tiara

Tiara with Mickey Ears crystals around the tiara

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Can we really talk about Disney without paying homage to Mickey Mouse? If Mickey is more of an inspiration for your Quinceañera than the Disney princesses are, then you can order this dainty tiara with miniature Mickey ears intertwined in the rhinestone design.

6. Game of Thrones Dragon Tiara

Tiara with dragons on the side and red jewels

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If you’re a true Game of Thrones fan, you know Daenerys Targaryen doesn’t wear tiaras but that shouldn’t stop you from getting some inspiration from her wardrobe! This party-worthy Quinceanera tiara has dragons surrounding the red crown jewel and is going to make you look on dracarys 🔥🔥 (fire for all you non-GOT fans.)   

7.  Tinkerbell Tiara

Girl's hand holding up a TInkerbell tiara with the Peter Pan ride in the background

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Tiny but feisty? Consider yourself Tinkerbell in real life. Although Tink might not wear a tiara when she’s hanging around with Peter Pan, the designers at Rita Lane have once again re-imagined a tiara worthy of our favorite pint-sized pixie. Pearls and crystals that complement the green of Tinkerbell’s dress adorn this sparkling tiara.

8. The Princess Bride Tiara

Tiara with leaves and pearls in the design of the Princess Bride tiara

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The Princess Bride might have been filmed back in 1987, but the love story of Buttercup and Westley still captivate on screen. The on-screen romance was listed at number 88 by the American Film Institute’s “100 Years, 100 Passions” list. You can wear a quinceanera tiara inspired by Princess Buttercup with this whimsical pearl design.


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