Shiver no more! Check out these five winter must-haves!

Eva Melgarejo

Awwww California, the state of eternal sunshine! But we all know that our Santa doesn’t wear shorts and yes, we do get very cold weather.

Specially now that Holiday season is out of the picture and rain came along for short visit! But that does not mean we must look less stylish when it’s chilly,right? 

Look cool and stay warm with this list of five winter must-haves:


Body heat gets out through your head so you have the option of choosing a super warm beanie, headwrap, or ear muffs! Knitted or faux fur textures are perfect and you can still show off  your ponytail 😉

Fancy Gloves

Keeping your hands warm is a must! There is just no way around it.  Either your hands are nice and warm or how can you be expected to write, type or play?! Here are some cool and fashionable gloves to keep your delicate hands cozy and not crimping your style.

Trendy Oversize Scarves

         Scarves will keep you warm and will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit!

Luscious Lips

Yes, you need to always have kissable lips! You never know when you might need to use them.

We love EOS (Evolution of Smooth) not only does it submerse your lips with vitamin E with a delicious balance of flavors but its sphere design makes it impossible to loose and easy to find in your make up bag! Plus, its organic…Anything that says organic is good for you…


Pretty Socks

How many times do you shiver while seating at your desk.  You shake uncontrollably and can feel how cold your feet are, so cold your toes go numb… yup, I’m talking to you. Shiver no more! Check out these socks options that are sure to keep you warm and fashionable!

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