Smoking Hot Suit Options for your Chambelanes!

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Not all chambelanes are made equal. Neither are their tuxedos. Consider these smoking hot suit options to dress your chambelanes. 

Ditch the habit of having all the guys in your court wear the same type of suit. Now, Quince girls are allowing their male companions to choose the tuxedo style that best suits their body type. With various cuts to choose from, every guy in your court can find the style that feels the most comfortable for their height, weight, and personal style. So long as they stick to your color scheme! Trust us. With your stamp of approval, this is one trend your chambelanes will thank you for. Smokin’ hot suit options for your boys!


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Double-breasted – This type of tuxedo is perfect for men that are short and stout.

Single-breasted (one or two-button) – These choices balance out proportion. Taller chambelanes might prefer the two-button option while shorter men would choose the one-button.

Single-breasted (three or four-button) – Looks best on tall, slender guys.


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Cutaway –Works well with most body types but shorter men prefer it since it creates a taller look.

High Vest – Great good option for larger men or those with large torsos.

Low Vest – This option is good on all body types.

Peaked Lapel – This is a good choice for shorter chambelanes since the body will appear longer and leaner.

Mandarin or Banded Collar – Best for slender men. Men with thick or short necks should avoid this cut since it shortens the length of their neck.

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