How to Accessorize to Make a Statement

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Follow our tips on how to accessorize appropriately for your quince.

There are infinite ways you can make a bold statement the day of your quinceañera. Your dress, your hair and your venue décor can be some of those vivacious elements. But also, dare not forget the impact that the perfect jewelry can have on your quince look.

Bold necklaces, dynamic cuffs, and diva rings can be your tools for how to accessorize worthy of royalty.

Bold Necklaces
Perfect for tube top or thinly strapped quince gowns, a bold and chunky necklace can add a touch of glam to your special quince dress. As opposed to wearing a basic gold necklace, you can up the ante by wearing something a bit more risqué. Chunky jewels like a colorful jade necklace is only one of the vibrant colors that can highlight your face beautifully.

Dynamic Cuffs!Dynamic Cuffs
In a fun and flirty gold and pink embellishment, this studded cuff replaces the plane-Jane bracelet any day. With the right amount of colors and textures, a chunky cuff such as this one balances out a puffy quince dress. If your quince colors are far from the color palette that this cuff is inspired by, you can always find a cuff that works best with your quince color palette. The chunkier, the colorful and the bolder your cuff is, the greater the overall wow factor will be.

Diva Rings!Diva Rings
Saying hello and thank you to all of your guests can become wearisome, but not when you have a gorgeous ring to show off! Giant diamonds, studs or stones can have your guests whispering about you all night long- in the good way of course. Like this chunky pink tourmaline ring for example, the huge stone surrounded by encrusted diamonds screams fashionista and definitely takes accessorizing up a notch or two.

For more lavish ideas on how to modernize your quince fiesta, search “modern” here on Quinceañera.com.

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