Top 3 Tips to Find the Perfect Tiara for Your Quinceanera

Jessica Carter

Tiara considers to be a wonderful accessory not only for the wedding, but also for prom and other formal occasions. The majority of girls treat tiara as an integral part of the gorgeous look for a quinceanera. However, wearing a crown can appear to be a pretty difficult task that requires particular knowledge.

Our professionals at one of the best New York Hair Salon offer you three key tips to find a perfect tiara to complete a stunning look for your quinceanera.

Consider your dress

The main rule that you have to follow choosing a tiara for the Big Day is that it has to complete your dress, but not overpower it. Look carefully at your dress, does crystal beading dominates there, or it is more about pearls? Duplicate these elements in your tiara to achieve the harmonious look. You should also match it with your jewelry to avoid flashiness.

Notice your hairdo


It is not a secret that not all hairstyles fit tiaras. Planning your quinceanera ponder over your future hairstyle and only then choose a crown. If you prefer to wear high buns or big complicated updos, stick to small tiaras, and vice versa: wearing your hair down you can go for huge, sparkling сrowns without any fears. Here you should also be careful with other hair accessories and not to burden your locks.

Pay attention to your face shape

Here comes the most interesting part! Try to pick a tiara that complements your face. No, it is not about the number of crystals or the color, it is about the shape of the tiara itself. It supposed to have a form, opposite to your face shape. Girls with heart shaped face are to choose a tiara with V-shaped peak, beauties with an oval face can afford any crown they like and if you have round face and beautiful cheeks, try to make it visually longer with a high tiara.

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