The Ultimate Bag Guide Spring/Summer 2016

Amy Mia Goldsmith

Spring is finally here, which means that there is a whole bunch of fabulous trends and styles we can’t wait to keep up with. Fashion Week runway shows featured so many different handbags which came in different shapes, sizes, colours, and materials, and it’s not surprising that fashionistas all over the globe were completely smitten with them.


Here is an ultimate bag guide for SS16, enjoy!

1. Item Shaped Handbags


Handbags shaped like items we can see everywhere on a daily basis are becoming a massive hit for this season, so it would be fantastic if you got one to complete your perfect outfit. Some of the world’s most prominent designers and fashion houses, such as Dolce and Gabbana and Moschino, have gone crazy about this trend, and handbags from their latest collections scream fashion. Jeremy Scott has come up a bag shaped like an old timer television set with missing antennas, which is, we’ll all agree, pretty much eccentric. However, if you would like to take it to the next level, consider Moschino’s traffic cone bag -you will definitely make a statement with this one!

2. Fancy Fringed and Tasselled Bags


Fringes have made a huge comeback last year, when they could be seen everywhere -from shoes and jewellery, to clothes. This trend continued to be very popular this year too, and it is most prominent when it comes to bags. We can see fringes in a myriad of vivid colours, which is particularly great when it comes to SS16. Diane von Furstenberg made them even more appealing, by creating metallic versions of these beautiful details. As for tassels, Altuzarra is one of the most remarkable users, and all we have to say is -wow!

3. Clutch Bag


Prom season is just around the corner, and having a bag that perfectly matches girls’ dress and shoes is an absolute must that will complete the glamorous outfit. If you already have your dress it’s high time you chose a clutch bag which is, let’s face it, probably the best choice for such an important event. There are so many options when it comes to this bag, especially having in mind different colours, patterns, and even sizes. From feminine one made of satin, to a bolder, studded clutch -possibilities are infinite. Just make sure that it matches with your shoes!

4. Structured Square Bags


If you are a fan of structured bags, the rule for this season says -the boxier the better! Square bags are a huge hit, both on the runway and when it comes to street fashion. Some of the designers who made this trend happen are Zimmerman, who introduced rectangular pieces made of alligator skin, Sophia Webster with her cute boxy clutches, and of course, Louis Vuitton with their Petite Malle bag, which is a true timeless piece. You won’t go wrong with such a bag.

5. Half Moon Bags


Everyone loves this new half-moon trend nowadays, and there are good reasons for that -besides the fact that they look gorgeous, such bags are also very practical. Victoria Beckham and Michael Kors are leading designers when it comes to this shape, and these definitely look the best when made of leather. Every fashion-forward girl knows that chic handmade leather goods are definitely the best things she can have, and what is even better is the fact that they are so trendy this season. This half-moon shape revives the 70’s, and it is a great representative of boho style all the fashionistas adore.

As you can see, there are so many trends you can keep up with this season, and all we have to say is that there is definitely something for everyone -from classy structured square bags and half-moon shaped made of leather, over glamorous clutches, to quirky item-shaped and fancy fringed/tasselled ones. You will make no mistake, whichever you choose to wear!

Amy Mia Goldsmith

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