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6 Trendy Products For an Easier and Cuter Life

Grecia Hernandez

Just as technology, the beauty industry evolves day by day, and when both come together and collaborate with awesome chemists, awesome things are created.

Take a look at these awesome beauty products designed to make our lives easier and cuter!

angel factory armpitUnder-Arm Whitening Pads

All you need is three minutes plus Angel’s Factory under-arm pads! Not only do these awesome fragrance peeling pads remove dirt and sweat but they also moisturize your underarm, while adding a fresh scent and whitening at the same time.

Retails between $5-$12 dollars


she_thinkPeriod Chonies 

Yes, you’ve read it right! Period-proof underwear is a thing now. They protect you from leaks and keep you feeling dry during menstruation. You can wear them all day and they’re totally reusable.

Retails between $24-$34 dollars at SheThinx

bun_cuffThe Bun Cuff 

Hair ties are sooo last season! The trendiest hair accessory is a versatile cuff created by Jen Atkins and Chloe + Isabel. Style your hair up, wear it down, or even take this cuff as an extra-special guest to your arm party + wear as a bracelet!


manicure done with nailbotDIY Nail stickers

Nailbot is a robot that prints art directly onto your fingernails, (Talk about fabulous manicure!) all with the help of your smart phone. Express yourself with creative technology built by girls, for girls. Get instant, DIY, custom nail art with the Nailbot.

Although the nailbot is not in the market, word is it will sell at $199, click here to join their waitlist! 

bottle of Garnier Micellar WaterGarnier Micellar Water 

Discover a different way to cleanse your skin. This product is gentle to all skin types yet surprisingly powerful. The micelles attract dirt like a magnet to lift makeup, cleanse skin gently and refresh instantly. No rinsing, no harsh rubbing. Try it and see for yourself.

Retails between $7-$15 dollars

nunzio saviano sheets

Nunzio Saviano Anti-Frizz Sheets 

These portable sheets are enriched with non-sticky polymers and coconut oil to provide light hold, tame frizz, eliminate flyaways, and add shine and definition with a quick wipe-down. Gently wipe sheet from roots to ends of hair and get silky hair right away!



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