Is Getting Your Eyebrows Laminated The Move For Your Quince?


Every Quinceañera wants to look beautiful and feel beautiful on their special day. For that reason, this trending semi-permanent procedure, eyebrow lamination, can do just the trick.

Your eyebrows are such an important feature, they have the power to frame the face, and it’s been said that eyebrow lamination makes them look thicker and fuller. So if you’re trying to go for a 90s thin eyebrow look this may not be for you. You will be picture ready in no time! 


Eyebrow lamination is known as an “eyebrow perm” except the chemicals used are less harsh compared to that of a perm. It helps hide small gaps, fixes the overall shape, and gives the illusion of a feathery and elegant brow. It’s one less thing to worry about when doing your makeup. Eyebrow lamination is a needle-free treatment that involves lifting the hair in an upwards direction to give it that lash lift effect but for your brows.


“Brow Laminations have a wonderful way of opening up anyone’s face. By taking the brows from their natural resting position to a more lifted and outward extending one, you can give the appearance of brighter-looking eyes as well as highlight the cheekbones. In doing this, you create an elegant and open face that eyes naturally gravitate to; perfect for a Quinceanera on her big day”. – Sierra Dyson, Skincare Specialist, My Perfect Brows.

Look at the amazing results, you won’t need your eyebrow products after this!

Nothing beats a good brow day! Getting an eyebrow lamination will have you covered for your quince, all the way until it’s time for bed and then morning again since it lasts from four to six weeks. This non-invasive procedure will have your eyebrows looking flawless! “Brow lamination is a natural-looking brow enhancer that will make girls with the right type of eyebrows have a fuller and even thicker look. A Quinceañera with a brow lamination will not only be ready for her big day but for weeks after”. Melissa León, Marketing specialist. 

So if you’re looking for game-changing eyebrows this is for you!


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