6 Quinceanera Makeup Looks Inspired by Starbucks’ Unicorn Drink

Jocelyn Pasillas

Get ready to get mind-blown by these makeup looks inspired by Starbucks’ Unicorn Drink

The eye-catching frappe not only transformed from sweet to sour in a matter of seconds, or magically changed colors but it also caused an outbreak for holographic trends!

The drink had more attention than what it lasted for, considering Starbucks only made it available for four days… well those four days seemed perfect to even create unicorn themed makeup!

Ideal if you’re looking for a new theme or are even considering to have a fantasy themed Quince!

Admire these makeup looks inspired by the ‘Unicorn Frappuccino’

Aside from the color scheme being so dreamy, it’s also striking!

It’ll be hard not to stand out at your Quince incorporating these designs!

Jocelyn Pasillas

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