Tips for Coloring Your Hair for the First Time

Gabriel Samra

Now more than ever, girls are expressing themselves with fun, creative and trendy hairstyles and colors. But for those who have never colored their hair, there are important tips to keep in mind to ensure you understand the commitment involved with coloring your hair and the appropriate steps to take to ensure you don’t damage your healthy, virgin hair.

tips for coloring your hair for the first time

Check out my tips below, before you go for that dreamy rainbow hair, a stunning blonde balayage or any other color:hair-1744959_640

  • Research your new color and potential colorist: I recommend a hair coloring first-timer to go to a professional colorist. Especially for a drastic change such as a dark brunette to platinum blonde or going for highlights, only a professional can apply the color with the proper technique to ensure your hair maintains it’s health and shine. So get on Instagram research salons in your area to find the expert who has done the look you’re going for


  • Have photos of the color you want: Professional colorists love to see the color their clients want, so be ready to share some photos!


  • Prepare your hair for the change: Apply a conditioning hair mask all over your strands the day before you go in to get your color done. This helps to prep your hair to receive the color so it’s healthy and as strong as possible.


  • Set expectations: Some hair colors can’t be achieved in just one session, especially when going from a dark color to blonde or when bleach is involved for rainbow hair, this will require several sessions. Typically for these hair colors, bleach is needed to color the hair, which is a very harsh process for the hair so you will want to build up to the level of blonde in about 2-3 sessions versus going for the harshest bleach process in one session which will lead to damaged and brittle hair.



  • Revamp your shampoo and conditioner: Once your hair is colored you will want to make sure you get the appropriate shampoos and conditioners that are meant for color treated hair. These products will protect your color from fading and have extra conditioning to keep your hair healthy.


Gabriel Samra

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