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XV Model Skincare Tips W/ @lizbethrofficial


I can’t count the number of compliments that my grandmother gets regarding her skin. Her secret? She’s never worn make-up!  Ok, I know we’re not about to stop getting glam but going without it for a couple of days will do your skin a huge favor!

I can attest by wearing little to no makeup on days when I don’t have a special event. This keeps my skin free from the harsh chemicals found in makeup. We are young, however, if we take care of our skin now we can prevent skin damage and postpone aging in the long run. Take these tips into consideration and start your skincare routine now!

1.) Facial Essence

This one is a life-changer. My cousin was the first to introduce me to K-beauty products after her trip to Korea. Essence serves as a skin moisturizer that is lighter than regular moisturizing creams or gels.

2. Face Masks / V Masks

Excuse me? Yes! A V mask is a mask that provides skin tightening effects and lifts everything upwards. This essentially creates a v-shaped appearance, however, it is only temporary. I use this whenever I have a photoshoot the night before and leave it on for a few minutes. This is also a product that originated in Korea and it’s an interesting one. Normal skincare face masks are also a must. I use them once every week after my essay application.

3. Daily Sunscreen

It’s crucial to keep one’s skin protected to reduce sun damage and the possibility of skin cancer. I resort to the brand Innisfree for my sunscreen. Any sunscreen brand is perfectly fine, just make sure it is for your face and not the body. Remember to apply this product every morning before heading out and going about your day.


Bonus tip #1:

I can’t stress how important it is to cleanse your face after a full face of makeup. There are plenty of times when I want to skip this step; however, discipline has helped me overcome this.

Bonus tip #2:

 I resort to Youtube for skincare tips from different countries, they usually have captions so it’s easy to follow. Don’t be afraid to try new skincare products or routines, just make sure to research before doing it.



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