10 Tips to a Fabulous Quince on a Dime

Jose Francisco Sanchez

Throwing your Quince party doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. With a little creativity, you can save money on the cake, food, reception hall, and even the music, without sacrificing much of their quality.

Just like many other teenage girls, you have most likely dreamed about having a Quince. However, it’s not as simple as it seems. There are a million things to prepare and the expenses can stack up to absurd amounts that make your parents wish they had given you a watch, a dress, or a paid vacation to sway you from having a Quinceañera.

But don’t be discouraged. By chopping costs here and there you can have a good-enough Quinceañera without making anyone go bankrupt.

The following are simple and easy tips that can help you make the most affordable choices:

1. Find some padrinos. Don’t let your parents pay for the whole thing. Ask your aunts and uncles, godparents, friends or any other close relatives to pitch in for the reception hall, cake, dress, etc.

2. Have a backyard Quince. If you’re having trouble finding a reception hall, then find a friend or relative who has a big backyard or patio and ask them to let you have your Quince bash there.

3. Avoid Saturdays. If you have decided to rent a reception hall, then do so on a Friday or Sunday. You will save from 10 to 20 percent of what you would spend if you rent on a Saturday. Most reception halls already provide this option.

4. Have a tasty but affordable banquet. If the food service is provided by the reception hall, then it’s best to choose a buffet-style banquet. This is more affordable than hiring waiters, but if you really want to have a waiting service, then have them serve soup or salad along with a single dish. Your Quince cake can be the dessert.

5. Disguise your cake. Here’s a cool trick that can save you some dollars: there are cakes that are only used for display purposes during your Quinceañera, but when it’s time to cut it up, it is taken to the kitchen and exchanged for pieces of another, more affordable cake.

6. Save on decoration. If you’re going to use fresh flowers to decorate the reception hall, then opt for seasonal flowers, since they are less expensive. If you want to save even more, then use artificial decorations such as bows and balloons.

7. Go easy on the invitations. When making your Quince invitation list, cross out those who live far away and are least likely to show up to the party. Also leave out those who you haven’t seen for a while as well as with your parent’s co-workers.

8. Use on-hand technology. If you want to save money on your invitations, avoid the ones that seem like they’re being sent to the Queen of England and make your own instead. Better yet, you can send out electronic invitations, or e-vites.

9. No party without music. Choosing a DJ to play music for you party is better than having a group perform live. You can save money by choosing a basic package that leaves out special effects and lasers, which can increase the price considerably.

10. Control the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Some reception halls include a free bar, but at a higher price. Instead, you can use a ticket system, in which every adult receives 2 or 3 tickets, one per drink, for free drinks. After that, they must pay for each additional drink.

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a fortune to celebrate one of the most important days of your life. With enough time and creativity, anything is possible.

Jose Francisco Sanchez

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