5 Things to Do To Save Money for your Quinceanera

Grecia Hernandez

DIY, homemade, sale and clearance rack are a few of the words you need to become friends!

The next activities are guaranteed to save money for your Quinceanera:


Be the queen of the coffee beans at your casa!

1) Quit giving Starbucks your Money

We won’t encourage you to drink coffee but if it is a must, then brew it at your house before heading out to school. You can also search online for DIY Starbucks recipes and create your own banana smoothies.

2) Rent Movies at the Library

Did you know most local libraries rent movies for $1 and you get to keep it for at least 3 weeks! Say bye-bye to Redbox and say hello to your newest best friend!


Click on the image for the best DIY mani tutorial!

 3) Do your Own Mani/Pedi

Homemade is the way to go when trying to save money! If you keep this a weekly thing not only will you be able to save enough but you could easily become a pro at it and charge to do others’ nails and toes! 

4)  Feed your Piggy Bank

If at the end of the day all you were left with was twenty five cents, feed them to your piggy bank. Change gets easily lost in pockets and forgotten in coats and seasonal purses. See how much you’re able to save over a short period of time.


Try it, buy it & modify it!

5)  Shop at Thrift Stores

There is no other place to get the coolest trendiest pieces for a bit of the original price than thrift stores. Visit thrift stores located at upscale areas nearby and you will most likely end with some pretty wicked vintage items!

 Click here to purchase the cute piggy bank on the main picture.

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