5 tips to stay within your Quinceanera budget

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When it comes to planning a Quinceañera, every detail can quickly set you up for a disaster because each of them costs more than a penny.

In order to avoid spending more money than you planned, consider these costly situations and learn how to stay within your Quinceanera budget.

Overspending on throw-away party favors

Except for close family members and friends, most people toss the party favors they receive a few weeks after the event. To avoid this from happening to yours, choose keepsakes that will serve your guests useful for a long time, such as hand fans, keychains, or hand sanitizer.


Not Negotiating a Discount

Before you ask the cost of a service, give the vendor your budget, tell them what you need, and have them accommodate your requests without going one penny over your expected expense. Also, don’t be afraid to directly ask for a discount. Most retailers would rather give you a deal than lose your business.


Being Fashionably Late

There’s nothing fabulous about arriving late to your mass or reception, especially since some churches and venues will charge you for going over your allotted time. So when you see the clock ticking, remember that it’s the money going out the window.

Not Knowing What You Want

If you go into a party service store willing to buy whatever the salesperson places in front of you, you are more than likely to overspend by something you don’t need. Be firm on what you need and purchase only that.

Lagging on the Research

Although service providers in the same market tend to sell their services for roughly the same price, you need to know what that price is. If you don’t, you may be upsold for a service that you can get elsewhere for less.

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